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Starting Superdrol

  1. I am a newbie but somewhat knowledgeable on AAS.

I am 32, pretty fit and just obtained a bottle of Superdrol as well as T.C for the end of the cycle. I have looked at many of the posts and have seen people mentioning a delay to gyno, a beating on the liver, etc…

My question is, what would someone recommend as a beginer cycle? The bottle of TC that I have is 100mcg/ml 50ml. And if anyone can recommend anything else, by all means let me know.


i would say steer clear of methylated orals but thas just me. its good that u have the nolva, and yes delayed gyno is a not so rare thing with this compound. as u know it is also taxing on the liver, so if you must take this product you must take milk thistle or liv-52 which i would recommend.

but, the lower back pumps and lethargy associated with this product are harsh. if you want to do roids, i would say go with injectables all the way. your gonna get mixed opinions on this product. key word: opinions. be smart and dont use this product.

You won’t get any advice here except to stay away. Most people here are self proclaimed “Purists” and will knock you for considering Superdrol. Save yourself the hassle and go to:

They will give you an un-biased view. Generally, people here will not help you if it’s not “The real deal”.

I’ve also laid out the regimine too many times before to care anymore since people won’t spend time to reasearch with search tools provided.

[quote]Hugearms69 wrote:
key word: opinions. be smart and dont use this product. [/quote]