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Starting Strength?

Hi, I am 17 years old and looking for some training advice. I have been training for a few years, but feel that I have been spinning my wheels for the most part. Most of my training has been in a weights class where our training weights are based off of a periodizaiton of our 1-rep max. After doing my own research online, I came to the conclusion that linear progression would be the best way to gain a foundation of strength. Since my best lifts in training are 325/215/315, I figured that doing Starting Strength until I stalled would be my best bet. After that I plan to move on to the Texas Method then once I stall there, move onto Wendler 5/3/1. What do you think?

go straight to Texas method or seeing as Thib’s forum try this…

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Check out Bill Starr 5x5.

5/3/1, Starting Strength, and Texas Method all grew out of Bill Starr’s programs.

How big are you? 325, 215, 315 are pretty good lifts, and you may have issues with starting strength. If you are a large individual like 6’+ with a big frame, then you may make good progress, or are genetically gifted for strength.

I started Stronglifts 5X5 at around 300, 250, 375, and mostly spun my wheels. It maybe got me to 340, 275, and 405, but I could have progressed that fast, and not had such brutal workouts doing something else.