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Starting Strength



Goal: Get strong and gain weight.

Hey guys, I'm starting a log so I can keep track of my progress, stay motivated, and get helpful advice from more experienced (power)Lifters

The program I will be starting with is Rippetoe's "Starting Strength", after I plateau with that I will move on to either westside or 5/3/1. The template will look something like this:

Workout A
3x5 Squat
3x5 Bench
1x5 Deadlift

Workout B
3x5 Squat
3x5 Standing Military Press
3x5 Pendlay rows

I will be going to the gym mon/wed/fri, alternating A and B. Once I am comfortable with this and feel I am ready I will add chins to B, and dips to A, and probably some ab work.

I will get some before pictures on here either tonight or tomorrow and my starting numbers will be found on Day 1, expectantly extremely low.

Please feel free to comment, critique, or just wish me luck.


Ok, so here is a picture of my starting point. I'm so pumped to start tomorrow.


I found my starting numbers by starting all lifts with just the bar and adding 10 lbs every set until my bar speed slowed down.

My hamstrings cramped really bad on my first set of squats and I think this negatively impacted my numbers for squat and deadlift. My legs feel like jelly but it is the start of a long journey.

Not including warm-up sets...

Squat 135lbs 5/5/5
Bench 135lbs 5/5/5
DL 155lbs 5/5/5


Just realized I did 3 sets of deadlifts instead of 1...oops


thats fine bro,, ur just starting but as the weight goes up.. the higher the chance that it wud afftect ur recovery.. but this one is just fine


Didnt get chance to get to the computer yesterday but I did:

Standing Military Press 75lbs 5/5/5
Pendlay Rows 95lbs 5/5/5

I didn't squat due to severe DOMS, I couldnt even do a bodyweight squat lol. Legs are starting to feel better and I'll be back to it tomorrow.


Squat 145lbs 5/5/5
Bench Press 145lbs 5/5/5
Deadlift 165lbs 5/5/5

Great workout, my legs are still sore from monday but I pushed through it.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Fuckin awesome workout, felt so fresh and strong...

Squat 155lbs 5/5/5 easy...
Standing Military Press 85lbs 5/5/5
Pendlay Rows 105lbs 5/5/5


I am going to be adding the chin/pull-ups and dips next week. Feeling good about it.


Yeah, definitely do the chins/pull-ups. I found they make a very big difference in terms of gains and shoulder and elbow health. Also, and only if you have the energy after everything else, consider adding some core work.

I would look into learning the Power Clean. Pendlay Rows don't compare. Find someone who can teach it to you. It'll be worth it.

Finally, take care of your diet. Don't do the gallon of milk per day thing. Plenty of protein (meat and eggs), fruits/veggies, clean carbs and healthy fats.

I wish you the best on your journey. Keep us posted!


Thanks for your interest eaboadar!

I think it is time to add in the ab work and chins, I have lots of energy left after my workout and they are only running 30-40 mins.

I will take what you said about the power cleans into consideration but I want to find someone that actually knows what they are talking about. Most of the guys at my gym are just doing bicep curls in front of the mirror. I might watch a detailed instruction video on them and give them a try next week.

My diet is clean, could be cleaner. I'm really going to crack down on it starting this week. I need ideas for snacks. Some quick, high calorie, healthy snacks that I can bring to work.


I didnt feel as fresh today. I was worn out from work but still managed:

Squat 165lbs 5/5/5
Bench Press 155lbs 5/5/5
Deadlift 175lbx5
Dips bodyweight 10/10/10

Going to do abs on tues/thurs.


I hear you man. Sometimes life gets in the way and it sucks.

As for the Power Cleans, I would try looking outside of the gym for instruction. I know it's hard to find people cleaning and snatching in a regular gym, let alone someone doing them properly and willing to teach them. In this regard, CrossFit gyms are far superior. People can hate on Crossfit all they want but at least they are doing olympic lifts and if you visit one you will most likely find a competent instructor who can teach you the basics. I'm not suggesting you become a crossfitter or anything but you could go and ask for an individual lesson or two. Just an idea.

As far as your diet goes, don't stress too much about it. Try to keep it clean but there is certainly nothing wrong with a moderate amount of dirty food now and then, considering your goal right now is not getting super lean. So make sure you eat enough protein and keep it cleanish and you'll most likely be ok. If you see yourself gaining more fat than you are willing to accept, tighten things up a bit.

As for high protein snacks, I like Whey or why/casein protein powders because you can customize your shakes to adjust to your nutrient needs very easily.Protein powders are pretty inexpensive now a days and some of them taste very good. You can have a simple protein powder water shake or, if you want more carbs, you can throw in a piece of fruit or some oats. If you want more fat, add some nuts, some peanut butter or some healthy oil like olive or coconut. If you need to take it to work, get a shaker bottle and you're good to go.


That's a great idea about the crossfit gym, never thought about that.

I have a protein/carb blend protein powder that I use post workout, I will probably take a shake or 2 for "in between" meals at work, along with a banana and almonds.

Thank you for the helpful input!


Eat and Eat some more


Squat 170lbs 5/5/5
Standing Military Press 90lbs 5/5/5
Pendlay Rows 110lbs 5/5/5
Chins BW 10/6/6

Started to microload, only adding 5 lbs a workout to prevent stalling. I will probably keep adding 10 to the dl though, i feel strong with it.

Added the chins today and lost my strength with them pretty quickly, they will hopefully improve every workout.


Good workout today!

Squat 175lbs 5/5/5 strong
Bench 160lbs 5/5/5 strong
Deadlift 185lbs 5/5/5 strong
Dips BW 10/10/10


I keep on accidentally doing 3 sets of deadlifts...


It was hard today...

Squats 180lbs 5/5/5
Standing military press 95lbs 5/5/5
Pendlay Rows 115lbs
Chins BW 10/8/7 slight improvement