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Starting Strength

description- 36 year old male. 6-2 210 lb. 25-30% body fat

goal- 315lb squat, 225lb bench, 135lb press, 315lb dead, 155lb clean, 10 chin-ups

program-starting strength

diet-3500 calories 30/40/30 fat/carb/protein

previous training- almost three years of mostly spinning my wheels and quitting

last 10 seccions of ss

back 3x5-165
bench 3x5-160
dead 1x5-165
chin-up 3x

back 3x5-170
press 3x5-95
dead 1x5-170
chin-up 3x

back 3x5-175
bench 3x5-165
dead 1x5-175
pull-up 3x

back 3x5-180
press 3x5-100
dead 1x5-180
chin-up 3x

back 3x5-185
bench 3x5-170
dead 1x5-185
chin-up 3x

back 3x5-190
press 3x5-105
dead 1x5-190
pull-up 3x

back 3x5-195
bench 3x5-175
dead 1x5-195
chin-up 3x

back 3x5-200
press 3x5-110
clean 5x3-100
pull-up 3x

back 3x5-205
bench 3x5-180
dead 1x5-195
chin-up 3x

back 3x5-210
press 3x5-115
clean 5x3-105
pull-up 3x


back 3x5-215
bench 3x5-185
dead 1x5-215
chin-up 3x-7-3, 6-2, 5-2
ab circuit


back 3x5@220
press 3x5@120
clean 5x3@110
pull-up 3x- 6,5,5
dips 2x- 10,7

back 3x5@225
bench 3x5@190
dead 1x5@225
pull-up 8,7,5
db row 3x8@65
ab circuit

I upped calories to 4000 on workout days. I was just getting to hungry to make good food choices, and laying about to much.

Good work so far man! Those goals you set are gonna get blown by pretty soon. 4000 cals seems a good amount but remember to keep your food choices clean. Also, I would recommend getting a couple (2-3) of conditioning sessions in there to keep you in shape. My suggestion would be HIll sprints or prowler/car pushing after your lifting sessions. THis schedule will give enough time to recover for your next session. Also, Don’t be afraid to start making smaller increments, especially for the upper body lifts (you will need 1.25lb plates) this will keep you from stalling and will ultimately yield better results. Lastly, enjoy. This is a great program that yields very quick gains if one has the discipline to stick to it. Best of luck.