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Starting Strength


Hey Guys,
I posted on here a few weeks ago regarding SS by Rip, and I have a question now about the gallon of milk a day thing. Does it really work? I've been drinking about half a gallon recently and it.. upsets my stomach pretty badly. It's .5% Choco. milk. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.


I think his GOMAD is for 1 gallon of whole white milk per day. .5% is like skim milk, isn't it?


It does work, but only if your stomach can handle it.

Sounds like yours can't handle it. There are plenty of other easy (and probably healthier) ways of accomplishing the same goal, though. EVOO, nuts, natural PB, steak, beans all come to mind. I'm sure there are plenty more foods that could be on that list.


take a digestive aid maybe? the sugar from the chocolate milk might be the cause also.


I mean I' can get a half gallon a day easy.. its just I get real gassy haha.


works if your stomach can handle it

i tried, made me puke


Yeah WTF? Why chocolate milk? Just drink normal milk. If you cant do that, the advice offered by nate86 is pretty solid.


I like chocolate milk better? I'm not a fan of regular white milk, I only use skim milk in my cereal or when there's no chocolate milk haha.


Haha you're an idiot. There is absolutely no need to ruin your insulin resistance by consuming the ~360 grams of sugar in a gallon of chocolate milk every day haha.
As a matter of fact, skinny guys don't get a pass for eating tons of sugar on a "bulking diet" haha because with a screwed-up insulin levels you won't gain an ounce of muscle haha.
Plus, without the fat in regular milk haha you won't be able to properly absorb the casein haha.

So either sack up and drink a gallon of regular, whole milk a day or eat more steak, potatoes and peanut butter.


Exactly. And stop drinking the chocolate milk altogther.
A GALLON of that shit a day?! Good lord...



DON'T, JUST DON'T. My stomach's upset just reading this post. Go eat some good food 5-6 times a day. That means meat, fish, eggs, nuts, fruits, smaller amounts of grains and dairy.
That much milk is a waste of time.

Excuse me now. I've got to go get some Tums.



It "works" because your KCAL and protein intake go up.

Starting lifters dont know how to eat good, so say if you eat like you did before, but with 1 gallon milk per day extra, you can gain. In the beginning at least.

Its an easy solution but i dont think you "need" it. I did bill starr for 1 year and made good progress. I drink about 1 - 2 liter milk each day together with healthy food. It isnt that difficult.


I guess I just need a good eating regimen. I thought I had a solid one going but maybe I need to take a look at it again


Post it


Well I'm a college student so I really have whatever they're serving but it's one of the best dining services in the country for colleges.

Breakfast: Eggs, pancakes / french toast (whatever they're serving) bacon / sausage / ham, spuds (potatoes), and fruit. I've been eating oatmeal recently too.

Snack: 2 PB sandwiches & 2 Cups of milk (11:30 ish)

Lunch: Chicken or whatever meat they are serving in the main line, broccoli or some green, another vegetable and fruit. Sometimes I'll get a beef & chicken burrito w/ rice and lettuce and hot sauce, or a sandwich. 130-230

Dinner: Main line once again: Fish or red meat , vegetables (salad), fruit for dessert. (530)

Dinner #2. Similar to dinner #1 (830 pm)

Snack 3: Similar to previous dinners