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Starting Strength When Getting Back?

I’ve been out of the gym now for a little over 3 weeks due to a work-related injury, where I ended up cutting my hand and getting stitches. I feel like I’ve gotten alot weaker and lost a bit of the progress I’ve made these past 11 months.

I just want to know should I do starting strength when I come back to the gym or just do the same 5 day split (Max OT) that I was doing previously. Also I’m kind of confused with my diet, since I’m inactive at the moment should I still be eating a diet high in protein and fat?? or should I just eat normally?? thanks.

anyone?? mainly, I just want to know if it’s a good idea to go back to the same workout plan I was doing previously, or go the high rep route for a while (3x8-10 rep), what’s you opinions??