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Starting Strength Variation?

I am curious if you had to be doing power cleans and then a front squat because you don’t have a powerack, and as part of SS you have a day of squats and powercleans, could you not do a combination of powerclean and front squat? That would be one rep, technically your doing both exercises simultaneously. That also leads into the idea that the same day also calls for overhead presses. So could you not do a large combination of powerclean, front squat, and overhead press? I guess if you did them all as one it may not be a good enough workout right? But 5 sets of 5 of that would probably kick your ass. But would it be a good enough workout by itself

Isn’t this basically what this article is talking about?

YNDTP would be a hardcore response, but if you don’t have the equipment go for it. But I would suggest you try to improvise in some way to Squat the way the program was written up.