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Starting Strength Training Program

So i am almost done with my Meltdown Training (man it really has done a lot). And it’s almost time to go to strength. I have chosen Chad Waterbury’s Primed For Muscle. I just need a little help with exercises.

First what’s the difference between romanian dead lifts and dead lifts?

Secondly, the work out doesn’t give specific exercises to do, just muscle. So this is what i plan on doing, if you can think of a better exercise please let me know.

Back - pull downs
Shoulder - push press
Biceps - preacher curls
Triceps - push downs
Hamstrings - ??? i have no clue
Calves - ?? I have no clue
Abdominals - twisting crunches

Also, will I be behind greatly in this work out if I do not take any supplements? I usually drink a protein shake after each work out.

thanks for any help!!! and the meltdown work out does work

Romanian Dead Lifts (RDL’s). Put bar in power rack and set up at thigh level, grab bar walk back slightly bend knees , stick but out and lower weight down to the ground, but don’t touch and raise back up. That’s an RDL, and that will work hammies also. but to concentrate just on hammies lower weight to just below knees and then back up, make sure you are sticking but our, these are called Keystones, after keystone cops. very short ROM.

thanks… another question i have… what is the difference between the front squats and back squats… i seen the difference in pictures… but muscle wise


The front squat will target spinal erectors and abs more because you have to be more in an upright position, and will also hit more of the quads.

hey did u have ne suggestions for the calves and hamstring exercises?

calves-standing calf raises or seated calf raises, your gym should have something that isolates the calf, a small sit dowm machine where you stack plates on, or one you stand on.

As for Hamstrings, as i mentioned before, RDL’s, and i actually prefer the keystones, less stress on lower back. You can even throw in some hamstring curls on the machines after you do these, but do them for reps.

In reference to your calf training, you really should do both seated calf raises and standing calf raises if possible. There are actually two muscles in the calf, the gastrocnemius and the soleus. When the legs are straight and you do calf work, the gastrocnemius is doing the majority of the work. Alternately, when you are seated and the legs are bent, the soleus will be worked harder because it is taught and the
gastrocnemius is relatively slack.

Just food for thought.

Back- Barbell rows, power cleans, pull-ups
Hamstrings- RDL, Glute-Ham raises, leg curls
Quads- front squat, back squat (just basically squat)
chest- dips, barbell or dumbell bench
shoulders- millitary press, lateral raises
biceps- hammer curls, barbell curls, preachers
triceps- close-grip bench, rack lockouts etc
calves- donkey calf raises, standing and seated raises.