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Starting Strength Training After Boob Job


Hi all

I was wondering if anyone had any advice/thoughts/suggested reading on starting strength training after an 'under the muscle' breast augmentation (boob job)?

My missus had hers done 8 weeks ago & today saw her surgeon for a final checkup today. He suggested ZERO weight training for the next 6months, only doing swimming, jogging etc. I think his concern is that the possibility of scar tissue build up on the chest & thus end result of harding. I think this is a bit excessive especially when I'm sure many figure athletes have this done.

We were going to get start her on a basic strength training setup today with primal focus on the squatting.


This is an interesting scenario. I agree with you that MANY figure/bikini/fitness competitors have had breast augmentations, and I'm sure they didn't halt their training for excessive periods. Maybe just have her stay away from heavy pushing exercises? Maybe not too intense cardio?
I'm not sure. I'm not a doctor. I do want a boob job however. So I would like to hear about how the training works out for her.



foam roll?


I have no idea as I am neither a medical doctor nor a recipient of breast implants. You could check for links on the FA site - they might have info for you. For ex. here's a boobie article, didn't read it, but could be helpful.


Mel, you want implants?! But, but...you're purrrfect.

I thought i wanted implants too, did my research and it sounded far too invasive for me. That's when I began taking phytoestrogens, which made my boobs look full, like i was constantly turned-on. However, these made me wacky. Now i'm content with chest flyes, and perform parlor tricks where I make my itty bitties jump one at a time. I am usually rewarded with free drinks and high fives.