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Starting Strength to Get 2xBW Squat, Deadlift, 1x Bench

I read a recent article on Elitefts and it basically said you need a strong foundation before worrying about anything else.

So right now at 106kg and 20% + BF
Bench is 80kg x 5
Deadlift is 110kg x 5
Squat is 80kg x 5
Chinups BW x 5

So in to get upto such weights I need to double and a 1/3 most of my lifts.

Will following the starting strength program work? or would following 5-3-1 or 5x5 be better?

I have previously followed a 6-3-6 program which was 6 x 50%, 3 x 75%, 6 rep max for comound lifts and 2 x 8 for assistance exercises and I had a Bench of 100kg, Squat of 110kg and Deadlift of 130kg, which is close to my goals, but that was before marraige and a child. I can train 3 times a week - so starting strength looks good.

But would be grateful for some input.


Sounds like a plan… do it

You bench the same as you squat? dam lol. 5x5 programs are great, definitely should fit your goals.

Starting strength for 6-8 weeks to get back into it then move on to texas method or 5/3/1