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Starting Strength: The Guide


Just going to leave this gem here.


Those videos where they have these kids do all these random shuffle steps in zoid boxes/cones/ladders?


The best ones are when the kids do box jumps with a band around their neck and while carrying dumbbells.


Check out the IG for breakoutathletes

Dude just got all these gimmicks, and found an area where rich parents are willing to pay 80-100 per session for training sessions that look like the 2009 “Do the harlem shake” videos

They blocked me because I asked them what the point was of doing a jump cable row with a scissor kick and landing on a foam surface
EDIT with video:



This analogy is fantastic.


Is that supposed to be effective for running?


Nah, they know it doesn’t work. They just do it to look cool and reel in parents’ money.


for comparison:

It’s really scumbaggy. There are other pages I like that do this stuff, but I don’t really understand the point of alot of these footwork drills


They just look pretty. Most of the stuff you need to do to get stronger isn’t really that Instagrammable.


I’m sure Rip would appreciate how this thread has devolved, lol.


What a waste of perfectly good training space.


Oh geez, the silly old coot has finally lost his marbles. That was surreal lol


I’d like to eat some raw steak after soaking it in the toilet bowl for 3 or 4 days too, Mark. Pretty sure that’s not what sous vide means, but that’s fine.


It really would be best for the hijacking and attacks to stop. Take them to a new thread if necessary.

This is a long-running thread that’s been helping people do the program. You have issues with the plan or the coach? Lay them out elsewhere. It’s been done plenty before, but that’s your solution.

There aren’t threads in the 5/3/1 coaching forum criticizing the plan and the Food Porn thread doesn’t have arguments about keto or veganism. This thread doesn’t need to devolve any further.


The guy who dreamed up GOMAD doesn’t believe mankind has an effect on climate change.


Well yeah, as it was created around the 1930s.


GOMAD is magic for people who need the calories. The only problem was that I was too full on milk to eat anything else.

A gallon of milk is like 3000 calories
125 some g of fat, 180g of carbs, and 120g of protein. This was magic when I was 160-170. Took me to 190 in a summer.


That and peanut butter put me from 155 to 195 in 3.5 months.


YUP. Technically I was also doing Rippetoes Texas Method at the time, so I think it’s relevant haha @Chris_Colucci

This article was really helpful, and could probably help with athletes who want a continuation from Starting Strength


There’s also something to be said about the difference between a gallon of raw milk and a gallon of milk you can get today.