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Starting Strength: The Guide



Rippetoe says back squat though, so I don’t know… :roll_eyes:

edit to add: almost committed blasphemy…I meant low bar back squat of course, none of that BS high bar shite


Agree with @bulldog9899

Nobody (from weightlifting) tells Simmons how to coach powerlifting, why does he think he can coach weightlifting? In my humble opinion, when you get to the highest levels of sport, the SAID principle applies to coaching as well.


I imagine no one from any sport tells Louie how to coach powerlifitng because no one from any other sport cares about powerlifting.


More like no college professor cares about the legendary high school teacher of one and all subjects…

crosses line, covers up, runs for cover


I think I am too stupid to get the joke…


If there was a caste system for coaches, strength coaches would be ranked pretty low.


In a college maybe. If your business is a strength sport, that sounds like a different story.

My (uninformed) opinion is that the major sport in America (football), is one where being a big, strong motherfucker is incredibly important. In most other countries in the world that’s not true. In Britain for example, our national sport is real football (soccer), in which being a big strong motherfucker is in no way an advantage.

If everyone in the world started playing American football, the US would become a lot more competitive in the weight room.


And always remember, low-bar back squats and heavy sets of fahves on the Conventional Deadlift will get an Olympic athlete better at the snatch and clean and jerk than whatever silly exercises their incompetent coaches are making them do. Technique doesn’t need to be emphasized for Olympic athletes because a clean is simply a shrug and jump, and a snatch is simply an expression of the mobility that we don’t believe in working on. Olympic athletes need to be tight in order to lift the most amount of weight possible.



…I see you are familiar with the kool aid…

Chad Wesley Smith has said in podcasts that he was (much) stronger and had better #s in explosive metrics than guys who were superior to him in the shot put. Not to put words in his mouth but I think he said that being too strong too early actually hindered his development of technique.

Closer to “home”, Brian Alsruhe is much stronger than Alan Thrall in the deadlift and squat, but I’ve seen a video where Thrall easily outperformed Alsruhe in flipping a very heavy tire for time.

So low bar is not the panacea to all deficiencies in sport, even strength sports; and neither is the conjugate method plus bands.


Well said. I can squat double my body weight, pull in the low 400s, and can’t throw a 12 pound shot more than 30 feet. Some things are just genetic, contrary to what the peanut gallery will shout at you (the personal trainers who claim that they can make kids “faster” and “more explosive” with the use of bands and chains at the tender age of 9 comes to mind).


I remembered something today and as much as I hate to defend him… Rips whole Olympic statement was less to do with back squats. It had to do with the notion that allot of American lifters were too focused on form and technique while putting static strength on the back burner.


Rip’s “big” thing is you can use more weight with low bar than high bar, so American lifters need to do low bar, use more weight, get stronger -easy. That’s what’s stupid.

Wrt deadlift, I’m not sure if he realizes that the technique used to “deadlift” for weightlifting is different than that used for powerlifting. Because the analogy is the same for high bar vs. low bar.

Also, let’s say the best OLers can clean 80% of what they squat (that’s on the low side I think); at some point getting stronger in the squat is irrelevant.


(“Inside” info, with the caveat that it’s hearsay.)

When he did OLs, Rip’s #s were around 60%; he juiced.


Oh… that reminds me.

All joking aside … For my individual leverages the style Rip likes does not suit me. I was designed for squatting like a piston and not a accordion.


I dunno man; you keep hitting a 9 year old with enough bands and chains and they start moving pretty quick.


I mean…it depends on whether or not they’re carrying dumbbells while they’re running away.


@T3hPwnisher didn’t the peanut gallery on the Starting Strength forums also attack you, the 650 lb. deadlifter, regarding your training methodologies way back in 2014 (after they invoked one of your blog posts and completely twisted its meaning)? I believe Rip eventually chimed in and said you were of “above average intelligence”.

@shrednation I have nothing against Starting Strength, but unfortunately his followers are a bit dogmatic — to the point that they attacked somebody who got much, much stronger than them without doing the program.


This piqued my curiosity. What is that about?


Look up “speed camps” on YouTube.


In fairness, Rip was employing a lot of sarcasm when he said that to me, haha. But yeah, it was pretty silly. I admit, I took a little joy when he gave me a barb of “Well I wonder what 600lb deadlifters do when they want to pull 700lbs” and I gave him an answer, referencing my pull that was higher than his, haha.