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Starting Strength: The Guide


And here I see me from last year. Dude, if you’re gonna do Starting Strength, just buy into it 100%. The book has diet recommendations, and the program really isn’t horrible. It was written by a reputable strength coach and is made specifically with the end goal of having a bigger Big Three in mind. The program also changes as you become more and more “advanced” (relatively speaking, when the 3 x 5 Squats, Bench, Press and 1 x 5 Deads fail to provide enough stimulus to keep you progressing from workout to workout, or even from week to week). Just read the book. I know it’s dry. Just do it. I absolutely fucking butchered the entire program last year. Don’t be like me.








Mark Rippetoe. I mean, who WOULDN’T trust this guy? image image


I would’ve also suggested saying “Lon Kilgore”


I’m sorry, did he ALSO receive a bachelor’s degree in geology?


To be fair, rip is a strength coach and he certainly has a reputation.

100% accurate so far


Rippetoe was just another guy with his own “system”.

Butt then he jumped the shark when he claimed US weightlifters just needed to get stronger by back squatting low bar; after that, the US would be just as good as the Chinese and the Russians. Even the shark swam away and disappeared after that one.

How come no one asks about Mike Boyle? -the back squat is a back exercise, it’s not a leg exercise. Surprise, surprise, Boyle’s main clientele are hockey players. Single leg work, single leg work, single leg work.


Should I just start with bar and progress from there


These workout forums are a waste of time. You ask questions get the run around or bro science


Goddamn dude, it’s been 12 minutes since you asked your question.


Hey, shrednation: I’ll just sum the book up. Pile as much weight as humanly possible onto the bar and work up to a really manly single on your first day back in the gym. Remember, if you’re not lifting heavy all the time, you’re a pussy. Don’t hold back — if you’re debating on a weight, do yourself a favor and throw the extra 25 on. Real men don’t do squats with light weights — only little girls do that. And I know you’re a real man.


This is one of the few times I have ever heard (seen?) you use profanity, and it makes me immensely happy


Damn/goddamn is in my realm of acceptable vulgarity. I suppose I take no issue with blasphemy, haha. But always happy to please.


Don’t start with an empty bar. It will take you a month to progress to a weight you csn probably lift today.

Start with something a tiny bit challenging. The last rep feels a tiny bit slower that the other reps.


I’ll figure something out I guess


Fix that for you :wink:


In fairness, with how poorly we’ve performed on the international level, I do kinda wish the US Olympic team would just turn it over to Louie Simmons and see what he can do. I figure he can’t do any harm at this point.


Crazy idea, you might try reading the book, lol.

Really, the program is pretty easy to follow. I’d just take 60% of your 1RM and use that as a starting point for all exercises.

Monday - SQ 5x3, OHP 5X3, DL 5x1

Wednesday - SQ 5x3, BP 5x3, DL 5x3

Friday - SQ 5x3, OHP 5x3, DL 5x1

Add ten pounds to SQ and DL every workout, five pounds to BP and OHP.

When you can DL 1.5X your weight, switch power cleans out for DL every other workout.

If you can, do some pullups.

Don’t do anything else, and eat like a pig. Soon, you will be fat and strong. When you stall, repeat, and micro load. Take as much time between sets as you need.

When you stall twice, consider HLM programming, or switching to everybody’s other favorite, 5/3/1.


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