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Starting Strength: The Guide


Sure. Start a log. Follow the program. Ask for help when you stall. Eat.

That’s probably the best I can tell you right now. I’m pretty new to all of this myself, so certainly question my advice. ultimately, what works for you is what matters.


Gotcha. Also, do you think it’s possible to build up a tolerance to milk? I can drink it, but only two cups or so without much discomfort.


Unlike in the “Flame-Free” Confession Thread.


What’s your height and weight and estimated body fat and age?

GOMAD is over rated. I think understanding caloric maintenance requirements and macros is more important.


I’m 5’9, 165 lbs., somewhere around 15% bf, and I’m 15. And there’s no way in hell I would ever do GOMAD. I was thinking maybe a quart of whole milk each day just to get some extra calories in.


I think peanut butter and beef would do you better, whey as a supplement to hit your protein goals.

Just my thoughts.


Thank you.


Do you increase weight every workout or every week? I was thinking of increasing weight 5 lbs for upper body workouts and 10 pounds for squat and deadlift every week as opposed to every workout . I think his program says every workout instead?


You add weight every training session.

At the beginning, you add 20lbs lower body, 10lbs upper

Then you add 10lbs lower body, 5lbs upper (this is the most famous phase and the one you are probably think of)

Then you add 5lbs lower body, 2.5lbs upper.

Then you move to adding weight weekly


The standard SS progression is 10 pounds for squat and deadlift, five pounds for bench and press, every session. Squat 135 on Monday, 145 on Wednesday, 155 on Friday.

As you can see, you will quickly get to max so starting at the proper weight, lower than what you expect, is key.

When you stall, retry the lift the next training session the next scheduled day. If you stall again, lower the weights - micro loading.

Or, change the rep scheme - go to 3x3, then 5x3. The book has all of this in it and you should buy it.


What if I add weight weekly would it have an effect?


Adding weight is called Linear Progression, and it would certainly work - it’s a time tested strategy. But, it’s not SS.

Don’t get too hung up on it. Lift and add weight, eat well, it’s pretty simple.


Thanks, few more questions. I’m currently 220, probably have high body fat percentage. I’m 5"10.
I want to get to 10 percent to 12 percent body fat.
1.if I do SS 3 days a week, can I use the fourth day for mainly cardio and kettlebell? I know diet is important.
2. On the first 3 lifting day can I do 30 minutes cardio before or after hand. Or maybe 15 minute cardio, weights,15 minute cardio
3 pretty much want the boxer physique l, lean toned softly shredded

I’m going to be a boxer/mma


Read the book, lol. They’re adamant about following the program and doing cardio, trying to cut, is not a part of the program.

What are your maxes in sq, dl, ohp, and bp?

You should redefine your goals and probably do another program, like 5/3/1.

How old are you?


33 Years old, just joining a gym for training sparring nothing professional


Too busy to read the book


Don’t know my maxes exactly. I’m trying to cut though


Everyone is.


SS and cutting not a good mix


Full disclosure, I’ve owned the book for about 3 years. Only training book I own I’ve never once made it through.