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Starting Strength Success Stories?


Hey guys,

I've been searching around and I've also PMed some members here regarding success stories or results with SS.

I've started my first day today, doing everything by the book, and eating like a madman. I will admit, it took a lot to start and to step out of my comfort zone to do things such as warmups, 5 rep ranges, and heavy ass squats (heavy for me that is... I'm only 160lbs).

Anyways, the point is I'm looking for more success stories or photos or whatever from you guys. If you guys can share me your results I'd appreciate that... it gives me something to read and motivate me when I'm away from the gym or kitchen.


Yeah good luck with that!


Look up 'thedubeabides" or however you spell it.

I believe he had some success with the program, not sure if he followed it 100% by the book.

Good luck.


Yeah I pmd him, but thanks.


Did stronglifts 5*5 for 5 months and went from not knowing how to DL and struggling with 80/180 to DLing 170/380*1 w terrible form however

Got up to 120/270*1 on back squat at end of these 5 months too

Oh yeah - I also hit a dodgy 100/220 powerclean at end of these 5 months too.

So in 5 months: +90kg DL, +60kg Squat, +50kg Powerclean

After that had to move on to something different because increasing weight every sesion was not a good idea as I allowed form to degenerate massively.

17 months later - DL220/490, Squat 160/360, still dodgy PowerClean 125/280.

So in 12 months: +50kg DL, +40kg Squat, +25kg Powerclean

Yup - gains definitely come quickest in the first months of starting strength - they are indeed transformative - and as Rippetoe says it's also an anabolic window so Eat Lots


^ kg?


I followed SS for two months. Gained almost 20lbs and got my b/s/dl up to 205/255/315. Started at 170/205/255 after a month or so of not following any program at all, just getting form down on the big lifts.

Decent enough program for total newbs or getting started again, but not a good long-term program choice.


kg/lb, and i can vouch for that


When I started SS, I was a total weakling, never squatted/deadlifted/power cleaned in my life. So my numbers were really low (Squat 95, Deadlift 180, Bench Press 95, Power Cleans 85, Push Press 75). I was REALLY weak at 160 lb like yourself.

In 3 months, I gained 20 pounds, and ate more food than I ever had before 9tried to do it as clean as I could, but living on college student money isn't the easiest. and my numbers increased to Squat 185, Deadlift 285, Bench Press 160, Power Cleans 145, Bench Press 165, and Push Press 110. Unfortunately, after that I had a severe injury and my numbers dropped and plateaued for a good year and a half on 5x5. But I had some insane gains by other people's standards. So yes, do SS and be consistent.


Did you get injured due to training?


And if so, how did it happen? This is what I keep hearing about SS, injuries, which is what worries me.


what injuries do you hear about? why are you worried?


Buddy in my gym added 220 lbs to his deadlift. Just do it


If you do shit wrong, you are sure to get injured. I'm on my 9th week of SS and I've shown significant improvements in my weights, but a lot of it comes from learning technique (I think). I increased my squat from 95lbs to 195lbs, which was my best gain. SS lacks on upper body somewhat, which I have started to work on more. My military press went from 65lbs to 80lbs... not that great at all. I have gained 15lbs of muscle, 113lbs to 128lbs. I'm a skinny, short bastard :smiley:

I would recommend it, if nothing else, to just get into the gym and do SOMETHING constructive. Just do your research on the lifts and make sure you use proper form!



What would you suggest after then? Im at similar numbers to you but am starting to stall. I've been looking at Waterbury stuff but SS seems much more intense and harder because of how much you're doing the major lifts.


depends what you want to do: bodybuilding or powerlifting, olympic, strongman, other athletic events, specific sports etc


I know this sounds stupid, but I want to look like Nate Green. I don't know what he defines himself or his goals as, but basically I just want to put on muscle and get stronger. I don't want to be a bodybuilder or really compete, if anything I guess for athletic performance


A logical next step would be a 4-day push/pull or a 4-day BB split. Either one would be a step up in volume and you could include more variety in your lifts. Wendler's 5/3/1 is a great rep template for main lifts (and it's a great program, overall). I've made progress on a lot of different programs, but I've found that lifting in too high or too low a rep range for too long is terrible. 8x3, 5/3/1, 5x5, 5x3, 4x6 all worked, with 5/3/1 being the longest-running.

One of the most important things to remember is that nothing will work forever. Best thing you can do is to pick two or three programs that give you good results, and switch between them when your progress starts to slow down.


Been doing SS for about 4/5 mths

Eased in at twice a week as being 53 and only having done the odd gym membership at the useless 10/12 rep range recommended. (pretty much a newb)

Has been quite successful especially in light of previous efforts

One thing to note when you first stall and reset the weight down 20% the second time round I found a different set of muscles were feeling worked the hardest.

Went to 3 times a week from 1 jan but dropped my squat to 3 X 5 (it also had just stalled)

Will keep pushing it until I don't see any real improvement between successive stalls then evaluate what I want to move on to

Upto if interested

DL 132Kg (1X5)
SQ 107Kg (Back to after stalling and resetting to 90 Kg)
BCH 87Kg
Press 47Kg (Struggling with overhead shoulder mobility)


Im not strong by any means but my lifts are a little bigger than yours and I feel my body isnt responding as well to 3x5 everyday anymore. I was thinking a new program, at least for a few months, with varied set and rep ranges may trigger new growth...?