Starting Strength Squat Plateau

I am 17 and have been doing starting strength for about 2 months. Deadlift, bench, and press are still progressing but squat is not. Suggestions?

Follow the program. Keep going until you fail 3 sessions in a row, then deload 10% and go again (I think you need to add another gallon of milk or something as well)


Do a different program.


You can also slow the progression - adding five, or even 2.5 pounds to the bar instead of ten. Typically, however, sleep or food is the problem.

How tall are you? What’s your current weight and general body fat? What did you weigh two months ago?

What are your current 5RMs in all five lifts and what were they two months ago?

Probably 5’7 140. And my 5rm are probably 210/150/250. They have all gone up in the last 2 months but I just feel I’m stalling in squat too quick.

You probably need to gain some weight. You’re going to be severely limited on what you can lift weighing 140. Are you getting enough calories? Starting strength is predicated on being on a pretty substantial calorie surplus.

Move on to Texas method or Bill starr 5x5. As others said eat more

At 5’7" powerlifters are generally between 198 and 242.


How many calories should I be eating a day on this program?

More than whatever you are eating now.

Don’t try to gain weight too fast or you will just get fat, something like 1/2-1lb per week is a reasonable rate of weight gain. If you get too fat then you will have to waste time cutting later, better to avoid that if possible.

3 - 6 months is the lifetime of SS. Seems to be working as designed. It will be time to move on soon. I highly discourage the texas method.

What’s a good one to do after ss? I’ve mostly heard of people doing the texas method next

Google “Help a Friend Get Stronger”. Follow it.