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Starting Strength Squat Frequency


So I've been doing Starting Strength for a weeks now and really like it. I just have one problem with the squat frequency. I feel like it's just too many squats! On Monday I increased the weight on the squat (I was ready) and it was hard - so hard that I was still sore yesterday... when I had to squats again!

So I had to lower my weight to be able to get through the reps. Anyone else feel this way about the program? Is there anything to do about it?


Did you read the book? He spends like 3 pages on training threw soreness.

You can't squat to much.


This is mostly true. Regardless of what you do, it's essentially impossible to overtrain the muscles in your lower body; your CNS will give out long before your muscles do.

That said, I'm a firm believer in taking some active rest if you really feel like you need it. You're doing SS, implying that you've never lifted before, so your body is going through tons of changes and adaptations. An extra few days off are not going to suddenly make you weak; in fact if you're very sore, it will probably make you stronger as more of your fibers will be regenerated and thus stronger, and you won't have to fight through the soreness which can inhibit your strength if you're not used to it.

You can do things to help with your recovery time too, like making sure you get enough sleep, taking in plenty of protein (2g per kg of bodyweight is a good rate to shoot for), taking your fish oil, and eating properly.

Best of luck, OP. Keep us updated.


Do you up the weights every time you squat? I tried that but then in 2 weeks i would be on 110 kilo. So now i up the weight every week, it may take longer but i think it's better for me.


Eventually you will not be able to squat 3x/week and make progress ... but Starr and Texas Method do change the volume and intensity.

If you're sore, then you might want to stretch and foam roll your legs and back. I would also tell you to man up and stop being a wimp.


This is good advice. I had long term success by adding 5lbs a session. At the end it was 5 lbs every other session.


I've been 'lifting' since Dec focusing mainly on compound lifts to get my form right. I've recently switched to SS (having NOT read the book, tsk tsk) so the idea of lifting is not totally new to my body. I've been upping the weight on the SS lifts every week or so 5lbs at a time and am now at:

Squats - 165lbs
Deads - 225lbs
Bench (using DBs) - 55's
Press - 85lbs
Rows - (doing rows + chins instead of cleans since I'm working out at home alone and am worried about my clean form) 115lbs

I try to foam roll often, I have tight hammys and IT band.

So it's ok then, to up weight and if I'm feeling shitty to lower it the next workout day, and then go back to the weight etc... I'll try to stop being a 'wimp' about it too! I've been taking fish oils (6 per day for 7-8 months) and trying to eat enough protein too, but I think I need to focus more on that.



What has really helped me has been flexibility and mobility work. Static stretching is not the devil; for the minimal strength loss it entails, it's really helped with my DOMS.


Since the book just happened to be by my toilet last week....

Soreness is good, and really doesn't mean anything except you're using your muscles. Just know the difference between sore and hurt.

Also he goes into the "add 5lbs a week thing" a little deeper then just add 5lbs. He really just expects that from beginners. He also points out that if you can only add 2.5lbs that's fine as long as you're progressing and pushing your self.