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Starting Strength - Quick Questions

Hey guys, I’m just beginning Starting Strength. Im coming off of a really long break and starting to get back into lifting. I figured i’d start out with starting strength until I plateau just so i get my numbers up. I have a couple quick questions though:

  1. I did workout A (squat, bench, and deadlift, all 3x5), its now time for workout B(squat,military press, power clean) is it okay to workout while my muscles are still sore? My legs are really sore. Is it okay if i just do some stretching before and after workout B?

  2. I am new to doing power cleans and have read an article on tnation on how to perform it. I learn a lot better with videos and seeing it being performed and explained. Does anybody know any good instructional videos for power cleans?? (I use to have a link from crossfit where rippetoe breaks down each compound lift but i cant find the link anymore - if anyone knows it please give it to me!!)

Thanks guys!

1)I would take another day off. Lifting after a long break is a hell of a bitch. Don’t stretch the muscle you are working before a workout. Stretching in itself can induce a longer recovery time and more soreness, which you don’t need right now.



i found this video quite helpful to me (a mark rippletoe one) in showing when to jump. there are others along the side you can look at too.

I’d say it’s fine to workout when muscles are sore. Nearly everyone experiences DOMS when- 1. Just starting strength training, 2. When comming back from a lay-off, 3. When squatting 3x week (at least initially).
I think nyral’s comment should be clarified, too- Dynamic stretching before a workout can be a good idea, static- not so much.

I’m guessing by this stage in the day you’ve just skipped the workout, but in the future, if you’re a bit sore, you’re not really going to screw things up by exercising again. Personally I found that exercising muscles that were still sore quite often relieved some of the pain- I guess increased blood flood?

And yeah, plenty of decent video’s on youtube to learn the clean.

hey guys, i havent skipped the workout yet today and im not going to. If i wait till my legs are not sore it will be atleast a week so im just goign to go in! Thanks for the help.

If anyone has a video that really helped them please post it ! thanks

1.) Yes it’s ok to workout whilst still sore. Unless it’s pain as opposed to soreness, you’ll be fine. And the deadlift is not 3X5, it’s 1X5.

2.) Get the SS DVD through one source or another.

A week! haha yeah it’s a bitch! So yeah don’t wait a week. For stretching, yeah as tassietaekwon said.

Also, this is a great resource: