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Starting Strength Question

I am new to starting strength and have never focused on too much leg workout until now. I squated a day ago and now my legs are still really sore. According to the plan I am supposed to squat again today. What should I do? People seem very strict on following the program. So should I just go and power through the pain?

Yes, you should stick to the program. However, if you just started the program, it shouldn’t be challenging yet. If this was your first day and you are already sore, it means you started too heavy. Start lighter and go up slowly. The first couple weeks shouldn’t be challenging.

Intentionally start at a weight that seems like a breeze to you and focus 100% on form.

The weights will become rather challenging eventually.

And, yes, ignore the pain. The first couple of weeks when you actually do squat 3x/week and deadlift 2x/week will hurt your lower body a lot.

I’m not sure whether you’re following SS though. It calls for three workouts a week, and there is always a day in between. You said you squatted yesterday; why are you squatting again today?

I squated the day before yesterday. I am used to deadlifting. I have been doing it for a while and I am pretty used to it…not squating however.

if you follow the program to the letter, eat well and do some form of cardio and stretching to get blood moving through your legs, you’ll find you won’t be sore after about a month

Fo sho. I haven’t done too much leg work because I have been training isolation exercises, ignoring my legs. My leg muscles are pretty damn big and strong naturally, but I think they lack endurance for a full workout. I have recently switched up to Starting Strength doing and squats ad they kicked my ass. I also was doing three hundred and 10 pound deadlifts in that workout. I have been deadlifting for a while. I always told myself that deadlifting worked my legs screw squats…little did I know…

You caveman look like we have a similar build. Do you do deadlifts? If so how much? I haven’t really maxed out. I workout at home and don’t even have weight to max out on. If I throw every pound of weight I have on the bar I get 350 lbs,for you being a Brit I guess thats 158.757 kg right? But I feel like I could definitely go heavier. Deadlift feels like it comes naturally for me. I thought it was because of my body type so that’s why I am curious about you?