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Starting Strength Question


i have been doing starting strength for almost 2 weeks (5 workouts) and i just realized 1.) im an idiot. 2.) ive been doing 5x5 on all of the exercises - deadlift with 1x5. should i up the weight and go for 3x5 like it says? the last set should be tough right? so im assuming a bit heavier then since only doing 3 sets. all help greatly appreciated.


1) lol !

2) Yes, the "normal" way to go would be to bump weight a bit, but you can be more "creative": go on with 5x5 until you stall, then keep the same weight and reduce sets to 3x5, and strat a new progression.

Both on 5x5 and 3x5, last set should be tough, but avoid going to failure (don't be afraid of leaving a rep "in the tank").


Yes. If you're going to do Starting Strength, do it as it's written, but don't worry about not following it precisely for these last 2 weeks. It's no big deal.

The last set should be tough, unless Rippedtoes says otherwise. Go a bit heavier, but not so much you don't think you'll be able to get the reps. Shouldn't be too much different than your 5x5.


Thanks alot guys, I did 3x5 with more weight, it went well warmed up each ex well. Ripptoe says if ur a newb u should keep increasing weight. Thanks again