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Starting Strength Question and Losing Weight


Been doing Starting Strength for about 8 weeks and enjoying the progress. Basically hitting what seems like PR on squats and deadlift every workout. I keep think this is the week I plateau on those but I make the next lifts. BP and OHP still fell like I have room to grow. My ego makes me thing add more weight or do more reps but trying to stick to program. My concern is my goal is to lose weight I’m 5’9" 260lbs (was 275 lbs) and get stronger at some point those 2 goals are going to fight each other. I like SS for the barbell lifts and the simply linear progression but tend to want to do other lifting and treadmill when i have the energy. I also consider wendler 531 but to be honest the the being able to get a SS app for my phone kind of tipped the scale. For my health I need to lose weight so that is the priority but I like being able to deadlift 400lbs. I’m wondering if I’m doing the right workout and should just stick with it or if there is something better for losing weight and getting in shape?


Do 5/3/1. My phone came with a calculator app that was very helpful for figuring out percentages.


SS is fine for a few weeks as an introduction.

If you are still making gains, then milk it for a few more weeks yet.

If you have plateaued, then it is worth switching to a more flexible progression setup such as 5/3/1. Considering that you also want to lose weight, the additional conditioning and volume available in several of the 5/3/1 templates will be valuable.

If you are smart about it, you ought to be able to shed some excess poundage without losing too much strength (if any). Your weights may go up a little slower, but the health benefits will likely be worth it, as 5’9" and 260 is rather bulky. I’m sure you would rather be a jacked 5’9" and 225 two years from now than hovering around 275 for the sake of an extra 30 pounds on your squat, right?

In general, I strongly recommend that you continue lifting weights. Contrary to popular belief, strength training is crucial for people trying to lose weight. Nobody wants to lose MUSCLE.


Even better, punch it into excel and automatically calculate multiple training maxes


Oh yeah, lots of things you can do with a computer, but he was talking about using the phone.

Although you can always do the excel thing and take a photo with your phone.


Thanks yes I would rather lose the weight but must admit I enjoy when I lift more than I thought I could. So the fact that that it is happening everytime I do a workout motivates me but will probably switch soon cause the info I have read 531 seems more suited to my goal of weighing less and being in better shape.


They have Excel apps for phones. I created my spreadsheet and emailed to myself so now it’s on my phone.