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Starting Strength Program?


Since I'm now 37, I figure I'll ask other "mature" people for some advice.

I have lifted on and off for years, never really hanging in there to see results....you know the story.

I took advice from the beginners forum and started "starting Strength" in early December. I followed it til my son was injured in early January. Now he is fine and I'm going to get back in the gym.

My question: Is Starting Strength the way to go for guys my age? I was enjoying it, however, I have noticed that it seems to have been designed for really young beginners. I really didn't do it long enough to see for myself.

My goal is to add 20-30 pounds of muscle to my tall lanky frame. Of course I'll take the strength that comes with that weight as well.

Thanks in advance if anyone here has tried that program as an older beginner.


I did Rippetoe’s Starting Strength three years ago. It may be for beginner lifters, but it has no age limit. I’m 55, and it didn’t kill me. I did however, gain strength and increase my LBM.

Since I’m a woman, I don’t think I added a shitton of muscle, though.


If you can stand with a bar on your back and your alimentary canal is in working order, Starting Strength will work for you regardless of age.


[quote]JKDAD212 wrote:

Thanks in advance if anyone here has tried that program as an older beginner.[/quote]

i like variety. something as simple as opting for front squats with dumbells, for example, is a nice change of pace. i also found that using dumbells helped me with mobility issues and muscle imbalance.

i hear ya though, it’s intense and awesome, so i really look forward to doing a 6 week ripptoe program again (i’ve got 3 months of Waterbury in my game plan currently, so maybe after that?)