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Starting Strength or 5/3/1?

That made me crack up.
This will probably make me come across as a wuss, but could I flip 35-53 if I train alone and don’t want to die?
Edit: Why does the astriks not show up?
Second edit: progressive overload chins and dips or no

Do the one that appeals to you more. Just dont flip flop between them and dont run NLP for longer than it’s intended.

Just remember only NLP can unlock newbie gains… or if you don’t buy that bullshit, only NLP can do it optimally - trust me, I’m science.

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Forgive me if I’m wrong- NLP = non linear progression = 5/3/1? and isn’t 5/3/1 meant to be run (with) infinitely?

Novice Linear Progression

My bad

Are you on about Bench Pressing?

Using a squat rack with safeties at an appropriate height would be the simplest and safest method. Failing that practicing good safety habits will keep you safe enough

e.g. benching without clips will allow you to lower the bar under control to your chest when you fail and tilt the bar to one side dumping the plates after which the weight on the other side will flip the bar. Loud, embarrassing, potential dangerous to other gym goers in the vicinity but you’ll be safe.

No rack, and I was talking about squat and bench- yes you can bail the squat but I’d rather not (iron plates)
Is that a yes or no?

So you get attention AND you don’t get hurt.

We are all about being selfish here at TN. It’s the best.

No one trains else trains in my garage- I hope

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You could flip 300kg on Bench if you wanted to.

Learn to bail safely. Learn to gauge how many reps you have left in the tank. Program so you never fail a rep outside of testing/maxing.

Short answer is yes.

Think of it as overall work done per body part.

In a perfect world bench and dips would go up but that’s not always possible/sustainable

If bench stays the same but dips is going up that’s still progressive overload > stimulus to grow for chest. Maybe if you were a powerlifter you’d be concerned about carryover between bench and dips or that the time/effort/energy/recovery taken up by progressing dips is taking away from your bench progress but for hypertrophy purposes is gains.

But I’m doing 35 with a 5RM that’s going up 10 lbs every time, eventually I’d miss a rep? And I’ll take that as a no to 53.
Add weight to chins/dips or volume?


Dafuq is 35-53.

Both are overload.

Adding volume is effective but is time consuming and you’ll hit your maximum recoverable volume sooner or later.

Adding weight is effective but tends to stall out sooner or later. Can be a bit funky with bodyweight movements unless you weight yourself before every workout

Manipulate both variables so that weekly workload increases over time (not necessarily linearly)

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3 sets of 5 and 5 sets of 3
The astriks doesn’t show up

Makes more sense now. Use a x instead next time you confusing bastard.

Y not 5lbs or 2.5lbs?

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I read a bit on ss before (if my memory is working) and it said to make 10 lb jumps until you couldn’t. Also I don’t have fractional/change plates (plan on getting that fixed soon) so no 2.5 lb jumps

If we’re throwing opinions out there, I’d say use up your linear progression points, and then start a base with 5/3/1. Pretty much what I did in some form or fashion.

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Texas method/couple runs of madcow5x5 then 531

Not a fan of SS?

Nope. Its fine for 6-8 weeks but that about it. Texas method gets better feedback here 90% of the time even for rank beginners

So should I run SS for 5-6- weeks first or don’t even bother? I don’t think I’d stall- i am (very) weak atm
Edit: Isn’t faster lp for 5-6- weeks better than slower lp for 5-6 weeks? (yes texas will be run longer, but just in the timeframe where SS would/could be run)