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Starting Strength + One Weak Hamstring


Long time lurker, first time poster, I am knowledgeable enough to know I have a problem, but not how to solve it.

I recently started Rippetoe's Starting Strength program, but I can feel that my left hamstring is lagging far behind. When I do squats, deadlifts and cleans, I can feel my right leg taking over as a result. I don't want to simply dismiss this issue, as I developed knee pain in my left leg as a result of imbalanced training in the past.

Should I perform unilateral work until the imbalance is corrected? Should I even continue bilateral compound exercises at all? How should I approach this? Any advice is very welcome.


Yeah i mean, the only way to even it out is to work it. Unilateral work would help, i would suggest single leg hamstring curls and single leg Romanian Deadlifts with dumbbells.

Still, i can't really see you left hamstring being that much more powerful than your right so...do those exercises for both legs with extra concentration on your left leg. Imagine your doing a bicep curl when doing hamstring curls and go for a really good stretch when doing DB Romanian Deadlifts.


strengthening your left hamstring in an attempt to bring it up to speed with the right is only possible if it is firing correctly...I'd recommend an eval with a trainer to get you set up with some good activation drills to do before each of your training sessions. It may be alot simpler than you are making it.