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Starting Strength on Vegetarian Diet


Hi, I am long time T-Nation reading. Have been lift for 1 year of hard training. I have decided to sign up and show how well I doing.

My shot yesterday


And my no. at 71 kg

100kg bench
125kg squat
140kg deadlift


Here's another shot


Grabs popcorn and sits back


Is that foreplay in the first pic?

4/10 for the humour
1/10 for the troll job


Thank you. Why 1/10? I am working hard for one year. I think more 5 or 6 for upper body. yes?


Man, this is a weak ass troll job...





Is that your boyfriend? looks like he is ready to climb all over you


show us your abs.


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maybe before + after pics?


The trend of delusional Indian guys we have on this site is very interesting.


you need animal protein, to real add mass, beef, chicken, eggs and such. My brother tried to go veg, combining incomplete proteins like rice and beans, tofu. He felt tired and started to lose strength in the gym. I can tell you he droped that plan real quick.


That's weird, ever since I became veggie, ive become much more energetic, focused and alert.

I agree that some form of animal protein is beneficial and that's why I consume moderate amounts of milk and cheese.

Was your brother on a vegan or vegetarian diet?


you have a lot of free time. do something other than post dumb pics under various user names.

you'll thank me one day.


Without meat we would be grazing all day and couldn't be so amazingly smart. Well some of us...


seems like somebody played joke and put pee pee in my coke.


I would add eggs honestly. My numbers started shooting up when I added eggs and dropped the tofu.


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