Starting Strength Newbie: Check Out My FORM!

Hi, I’m a newbie going into SS… Just did week 1, looking to run it for a consistent 6 WEEKS. It’s my desperate goal to follow it to a T, and shatter my previous PRs.

Here are two videos of my squats I did today, I’d love to hear some comments to see if I’ve improved on my form to successfully continue this program.

The way I see it is, I need to work on 1. BAR PLACEMENT - I’m doing LOW BAR Squats
2. overall tightness 3. Keeping that tension as I drive my hips

Comments about my form / Starting Strength would be much appreciated.


This is a high-bar squat–seems from this angle about as high as you can get–and thus not a SS (RIP) squat. Also, you have your chest held high, which really makes it not a RIP squat.

It is a very conventional, good squat, nice depth (deeper than RIP requires), but I’d say has little to do with the way RIP recommends squatting. Also, as your resistance increases, your neck may get crushed with holding the bar that high.

Your hip drive is not engaging–in the RIP manner–because your chest is held high and is coming up first. A Rip squat would have far greater forward lean, and then the hips drive up–not the chest

A rear view in addition will tell us what your knees are doing. But they seem OK and properly forced-out.

But you really need to see how RIP teaches this–providing you want to squat in his style. Otherwise, the squat seems good for a conventional squat, save the very high bar placement, which I personally think may become a problem over time.

Here is something else. Don’t take that many steps out of the rack no matter how you choose to squat! And don’t wait that long to initiate the descent. Get ready. Set the bar. Take only 2 steps out, set, hold air, and start.

This is not a low bar squat by any means. The form and depth looks nice though!

Do it for 6 months.

I agree with what Royglon said as well as JFG. I actually stayed on SS for 8 months making good progress.

It looks like a fine squat, except your forearms should be under the bar. Or as close as you can get them. Rippetoe has his ways of doing things, which work, but that doesn’t mean a variant won’t work just as well.