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Starting Strength Log

Hows the elbow ?

It’s getting better. I’m allowed to start throwing now but not pitch.

Squat: 230x5x3
Felt really good. It’s actually 230.5 because I grabbed the 2.75s and didn’t know we had the 2.5s. Doesn’t really matter.

Bench Press: 115x8, 125x5x2
Just getting back into doing these. I’ve been told it’s alright to do these as long as it doesn’t it hurt. It didnt hurt.

Deadlift: 245x4
I need to check this before I go. I would have known I couldn’t make a 20 pound jump. It was really hard.

Squat: 235x5x3

Press: 100x3, 95x3, 90x5
I need to fololow my own advice. I should have checked what I did last time before I did this again. I thought I had down 95 before.

Squat: 240x5x2, 240x4
I missed the second one. I knew I could get it and I did on the last one. I’m feeling it start to get harder to keep increasing the weight.

Bench: Skipped
My elbow wasn’t feeling very good after my last workout. I wanted to see if I could do the bench without hurting my elbow and if I did it today and it hurt some tomorrow I wouldn’t know for sure if it was the bench or if it just still hurt.

Deadlift: 240x5
This was hard and I wasn’t sure if I was using very good form. It might just not feel right when I get heavy but I think I can make it feel a little better.

I didn’t skip this workout but there is basically nothing to put down so I’m not wasting my time putting something. It basically was a skipped workout.


FWIW, you handle yourself pretty well for a 15 year old.

Re. elbow, high-rep triceps pressdowns with bands are supposed to be good for increasing bloodflow (and therefore healing) to the area. I haven’t done a lot of these myself, but I read about them (in something by Tate?) here not long ago.

There was also an article, ages back, about eccentric exercise as a therapy for tendonitis – I think the author was having elbow trouble and experienced good results from the regimen. Was pretty specific, though – worth looking up. Will post if I find it again.

Don’t know if either of these have anything to do with your particular elbow issues, but I’m throwing them out there.

Incidentally, I found your log while doing a search for the book “Starting Strength” by Mark Rippetoe. If you’re not feeling good about your execution of basic exercises, this is supposed to be a very good – and detailed – reference. (I’m picking up a copy for myself, and if I really like it, one for my pop and bro as well.)

Eric Cressey has a multipart article on deadlift technique on this site, too.

Of course, eating well and staying hydrated play a role in joint comfort/health. My elbows – like yours – stop just a little short of 180-degree extension, but I’m not a thrower – don’t know what the impact would be after several thousand pitches.

Good luck.


Elbow savers – Cressey. This is the article with the band pressdowns (and I think a pic of Tate near the bottom doing them).

Eccentric Exercise a solution to Tendonitis? The other article I was thinking of:

Some dude on here also posted about his results with this approach, but you can find that yourself.

[quote]Feist wrote:
(I’m picking up a copy for myself, and if I really like it, one for my pop and bro as well.)[/quote]

The book is really good. There is a ton of information. There are over 300 pages and the pages are pretty good sized. There are a lot of pictures but some of those are just as helpful as words. Most of the book is talking about how to do the lifts. My squats are so much better now and I haven’t even began to master what he teaches.

There isn’t really anything magical and there isn’t any fancy equipment needed. I was actually a little dissapointed when I saw what the program was. However, I’ve been happy with the results and I haven’t even been able to do much of it.

Just so you know, there is a Q&A on the strengthmill.com forum that he does. It has been really helpful.

Yeah, it really sucks as a pitcher. Mine are more than just a little less than 180 degrees. One of the doctors I went to guessed that it was 20 to 25 degrees less. I’ve seen people that can’t extend their elbows all the way, but I don’t really see people this bad.

It could end up being a blessing in disguise, but maybe not. It forces me to perfect my mechanics. I probably won’t ever make the pros, but I might have a better high school career becasue of this. It just really frustrates me.

Good luck with your training and thanks for taking the time to post. I’ll check some of those things out.

Squat: 245x5, 245x3, 235x5

Deadlift: 235x4 :frowning:

[quote]Feist wrote:
Eccentric Exercise a solution to Tendonitis? The other article I was thinking of:

Some dude on here also posted about his results with this approach, but you can find that yourself.[/quote]

I saw the other one before but hadn’t seen this one. I’ll have to give it a try.

I struggled again with 245 on Thursday.

I’m going to do something different but I’m not going to know until Monday.

I guess I’m done with this log.

Well, I guess I’m gonna start this up again. I had to do some other stuff and that messed me up. Made me struggle with 225 the first time I got back to this program. I’ve been working things back up.

Squat: 230x5x1, 235x5x2
Got it easy.

Bench: 140x3, 135x5, 135x4

Clean: 115x5x2

Squat: 245x5x3

Bench: 140x4x2, 140x3