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Starting Strength, Hurt Wrist

So i have been doing the starting strength program for about 2 weeks now(around 6 total workouts). The only thing i have hurt my right wrist, strained i guess being the word for it. I hurt it from doing the bench every workout like the starting strength program calls for.

I have been using gloves but then i have also injured my right wrist in the past(about a year ago and then 3-4 months ago again). Anyway i was wondering if there was anything i could substitute in the place of the bench at least a few of the workouts where i can take some of the strain off my right wrist and continue back with the program?

Any advice would be helpful since i have only been on the program two weeks and i just started noticing some good increases on my lifts.

                                       Thanks guys

try dumbbells. your wrists won’t have to be locked in position then. that might be what caused the strain in the first place. that’s my best guess

get something from here: http://www.prowriststraps.com/weight_lifting_wrist_wraps_powerlifting_wrap.

Also, grip the bar more with the palm of your hand on bench. When I did Starting Strength I alternated Overhead Press and Bench Press (that’s what the book says at least).

You shouldn’t be benching every workout. You should be squatting every workout. It’s possible you got the SS workout from an incorrect source.

When benching, do you make sure the bar is over your wrist? Sometimes, the bar folds your hand backwards towards your chest until the mass of the bar is a few inches north (towards your head) of your wrists, and this places undue stress on them.

Other than that, taping the shit out of your wrists is the only thing I can think of.

Good luck.

benching every workout = disaster
squatting every workout = success

Gloves will have no effect or protection for your wrists, unless they come up high on your forearm.

good pointers

good wrist support

You “might” want to get wrist wraps … then again I am a believer in not using any supportive gear until absolutely necessary.

I’m another one that isn’t for supporting devices unless your an advanced lifter who is using it to hit a PR at a meet.

There is a great thread in the Beginner area that Otep (I think) started all about Starting Strength…give it a full read.