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Starting Strength + HIIT for Fat Loss


Hi as i said before I am new to BB(now trained about 3-4 month in a row).Done some training last year to and ofcorse push-ups ect over the years.I was a amateur boxer to for 1-2 years.

It was suggested to me on another topic to start a strength program like Mark Riptoes although my overall main goal is just having a good looking body not high performanc one as athletes do. Anyway gotta give it a try at least 5-6 week even if i doubt it.After reading a good part of his book practical programing for strength ,i decided to start this program.

It looks like this:
Bench press/press

Press/bench press

Bench press/press
Pull Ups

Squat ans Bench are dane 3X5 Deadlift 1X5 and Pul Upls 3X(to faliure) (acording to the book in the novice program)

Now i wil use strength actually to lose weight in the begining (not to much anyway) so i think i should iclude some cardio/HIIT on off days .I will try to stay on the ZONE diet to.
I actualy cant sprint for a lot but i will try to increase it to do the HIIT in off days(if cant do HIIT i will continue cardio).

Appart doing the HIIT in off days i was thinking doing some cardio after gym but i fear overtrain (i fear overtrain only by thinking of doing squats 3 day a week but gonna give it a try).
Can HIIT to lead me to overtrain with this program??

Now do u think i should implement Cardio/HIIT on my off days .What about gym days ?
How much should my overall strength train last before going under a mass phase ??

Wanted to post this threat on Mike Riptoes forum but i am having some problem witg the account confirmation.


I appreciate you learning English, so I'm not going to complain about your writing. On some points, I honestly am not sure what you mean, so if I assume something that isn't true or don't directly address the information you need, ask again.

First off, there's no distinct difference between a 'strength' phase and a 'mass' phase. Check out the Brotherhood Of Iron thread in the bodybuilding forum. http://tnation.tmuscle.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/brotherhood_of_iron_40. Strength leads to mass, and vice versa.

There IS a difference between bulking (getting bigger and stronger) and cutting (dropping fat). You know this already. Very rarely will anyone except beginners be able to increase their muscle-mass or lifts while eating in a caloric deficit.

Rippetoes is REALLY GREAT for beginners looking to bulk. It leads to quick, measurable, and usually linear gains. It adds mass AND strength. It's great.

It's not so great at cutting, because you're not eating enough to take advantage of the short, heavy work you're doing in the gym.

So, my recommendation is to either bulk up for 6-12 months (broaden the shoulders, that sort of thing), or cut until you're satisfied. If you bulk, I recommend Rippetoes. If you cut, I recommend the Waterbury Summer Project http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/the_waterbury_summer_project. I've used it, it's pretty simple and effective too.

I do not recommend adding HIIT to Rippetoes and trying to lose weight. You'd be chasing two goals at once, and would most likely not make as much progress as you could have.


Hi thanks for replaying .I am sorry for my bad English ..nut still learning u know.

Now i think there is difference between a 'strength' training and a 'mass' training.
Strength is the thing athlets do and mass mostly bodybuilders do.
Strength is trained with the 1-5 rep range and mass with the 8-12 rep range.

The hypertrophy result from strength program is different from the mass program .
The mass program leads u to a greater Hypertrophy than Strength ,but also u will have strength(but less than when on a strength program) .So take for example an athlete and a bodybuilder.An athlete with less muscles mass than a bodybuilder can bench the same amount that a bodybuilder can .

This because more muscle fiber will be activizated in the athlete for the same amount of muscle.So strength is training for performance ,and mass training is for mass of corse (A lot of books state the difference betwen the 2 types of training)

On an interview here http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/starting_strength
Mark sad that u can use his program to loose weight while increasing strength (staing on Zone diet).
I know gain muscle losing weight hapen mostly to tenn and really beginer weight lifer ,so gaining is not my goal here . My only goal is losing .
I think i am just gonna give it a try to the strength program (anyway even if i add some muscle want be bad i still can lose fat later).

Now turning to my question about HIIT(and the problem of overtraining) vs Cardio while staing on a strength program ,any suggestion??


I'd just like to say, if that is you in your avatar, you should not be considering trying to lose any weight.

What is your current height, and weight?

I would say that OTEP is right about not trying to chase two goals at once.

If your BF% is high, eat sensibly, lift heavy. As your muscle mass grows, your BF% will drop naturally.
For example, if you are 100lbs with 10 lbs of BF, that is 10%. If you increase your weight to 200lbs, it's only 5%BF.

Also, having extra muscle mass increases your daily need for calories. If you simply continue to eat the same amount as you always have, you will lose weight. It's not quite that simple, but it's not far off.
Also the actual act of strength training will burn calories.

HIIT is a great conditioning tool, but I think that if you do it the way it's really suppose to be done, that is, at VERY HIGH INTENSITY, then yes, you would quickly burn out. Or it would def. affect your strength training.

Steady state cardio may be appropriate, but seriously I think you should just clean up your diet, and keep hitting the weights.


Yeah its me in my avatar but flexed a lot .
I really think i should lose some weght (not mre than 3kg )
I am not traing to chase 2 goals .
My goal would be Strength + fat burn .No mass in it.
I am thinking to do that for no more than 6 weeks.
My concern about HIIT is that it will make my muscle overtrain as i said before its like a another leg workout added to the program.
Actulay i asked around and it was suggested Cardio if i do this WO.
So gono go for it.
I like more the high intensity cardio so will give it a try


I think you should try Starting Strength without HIIT and see how it works. If you increase your squat by 100 pounds (which is very possible on SS if you are a beginner to squatting), your body will probably change a lot. HIIT will probably hurt your strength gains.

If you are really just concerned about increasing strength with no muscle gain, maybe try something like Power to the People (basically, deadlifting almost every day for two sets of five). I really think Starting Strength will serve you better, though. Increasing muscle mass is the fastest way to gain strength!


I am looking for losing weight and increasing strength for now.


While possible, trying to lose weight and doing SS at the same time just do not go hand in hand at all. Rippetoe recommends against even trying. He certainly does not want anyone doing SS cardio or HIIT on his program. I was reading through some of his stuff with a similar question in mind just last night, and generally speaking, he would prefer you instead just take one day and do a Crossfit Metcon on an off-day, preferably Saturday. It is mighty difficult to get stronger while losing mass. I am not even sure that is possible. You could lose some bodyfat, but not weight, as you say you wanna do. Besides, you are not heavy enough to go worrying about weight loss yet.


Yeah when i mean losing weight i mean just losing the fat .Now i am not shure to what u refer when saing losing budyfat(u mean an increase in muscle without a losing in fat ore an losing in fat with no decrease in muscle, if the second than its perfect).And what's Crossfit Metcon ??
Anyway i posted a this question in his forum ??
Hope he replays ?




No. Training strength and endurance simultaneously can hamper the progress at both. Training strength and speed at the same time on the other hand will be great because the two qualities complement each other...


Yeah read about it on strengthmill.com mark riptoe site.
He doesnt sugest SS as best way for lossing weight anyway.But if u want he says u can add some cross fit a routine like this:
20 min
5 pull up
10 push up
15 squat
repeat this circuit as many times as u can

Anyway i cant do this anymore i had a shoulder injury witch i made warse bench pressing .