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Starting Strength Form Checks

Hey guys,

I have been training on and off for years, but due to military service have been unable to focus on strength training. Work is slowing down towards the end of the year and I have the chance to get at least a month or 2 of strength training in before some courses. I’ve posted the links up on youtube.

Any tips appreciated, on YT comments or here

You’re out of position a bit on deadlift from what I can tell. Your shins need to be as perpendicular to the floor as possible. Right now your knees are over the bar. Try pulling yourself down in to position and see if you can get a little more behind the bar. It also looks like the bar path isn’t straight which getting in better position should help. Might help on squat and bench to get side angles as well.

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When you squat pull the bar onto your back, don’t rest your hands on it.

When you deadlift start with your shoulders over if slightly behind your hands, not in front. Sit back more.

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Last lifting day, better angle on the squat, and a form adjustment on my deadlift.

Take a look at the Art of Manliness - Starting Strength video tutorials…

I only saw your deadlift form check video and it looks nothing like the way Rippetoe teaches it. I’m assuming you want to do it his way considering the topic’s name.


I’m not too concerned about “his way”, as all deadlifts are ultimately different, I’m just looking for form checks to make sure I’m not going to hurt myself. But thanks for the video links, I’ll have a look through and take it on board

Looks fine generally. Personally I would not pause so long/reset between each deadlift rep

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