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Starting Strength Deadlift Plateau

-using starting strength, saw good gains.
-lifts began stalling, so i tried to get them going again (day off, lower weights and progress up again)
-got a few weeks more progression, before most lifts plateaued.
-switched from the 3x5 to 5x5, now seeing good progression once again on almost every lift.
-deadlifts are stuck on 142.5kg. (1x5)

any suggestions or tips on how to get deads going again? (i lift conventional, so i was thinking maybe trying to switch to sumo deads and see if that helps? or maybe change the work sets/reps?)

perhaps try:

  1. Box squats help develop glute strength
  2. Speed work, 8-10 sets of 2 using 50-60% max weights. Focus on moving the bar as fast as possible.
  3. Heavier sets of 3 reps

ive had the same problem
all in all, your gonna see plateu, its just a way of life, but heres my sugestions

  1. only deadlift every other week
  2. the weeks your not deadlifting do goodmornings, standing, seated, just do many diffrent kinds.
    3.box squat, with good form