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Starting Strength Anyone?


I'm going to try my hand at starting strength. I completed the first workout on monday, (squats, bench, deads) and today calls for me to do Squats OHP and Cleans. Well it's been a while since I did much lifting and it's been a LOOOOONG time since I did much lifting for any appreciable length of time. But I quit all my dart leagues this winter and have no excuses to not walk out to my garage and do something for an hour every couple days.

So since it's been a while and over the past few years if I did go out to the grage for a couple weeks, I certainly wasn't training a movement that I was still sore from. So my legs are hurting nicely today and I'm wondering if I'm going to regret it if I force my way through this particular day or should I wait an additional day until I am a litle less sore?

Maybye I'm just looking for another excuse, so if you think i'm just being a girl and need to go out and do the lifts, please let me know. On the other hand. I don't want to be not walking for two days either.



/fit/ has some good info on SS. i don't trust rippletits' program though. he says things like, "i don't include curls in my program because i know people will do them anyway." by that admission, what else can we assume has been left out of the program?



I assumed, or perhaps the better termonology, Read into that statement to mean. Starting strength is a basic strength template. If you want bigger biceps, do curls, if you want bigger calves, do calf raises etc... Anyhow thats where I'm going with it, but first I gotta get a few weeks into the program so I don't feel like an old lady.



Starting Strength is the best program to get your Squat and dead to 315, your bench to 225, your military to 135. Its a great program for a rank novice. And yes you should squat sore rippetoe talks about this in his book. If you eat right you should be 30lbs heavier by the end of this program and should have some base strength to hop into something else like a 4 way split or wendlers 531. Follow the program and good luck.


If you're terribly sore the first time after a long lay-off (cue in lame jokes), I'd take an additional day or two off (if it's so bad that your tendons really hurt when squatting again, for example...). Just the first time though, shouldn't get too sore again after that unless something in your approach is really off.

And any half-decent program (and many bad ones) should be able to get your squat and dead to 315, bench to 225 and military to 135. While also bringing everything else up that starting strength leaves out. Yeah, yeah, I'll go away now.


I agree but as a rank novice Id rather see someone who doesn't know how to put together a half decent program them selves just come in every other day and do the basic lifts until they have some strength that they can start a real routine with. Starting Strength. The program isn't perfect by any means but its too simple for a newbie to mess up and provides consistent results. And all those numbers would happen withing three months on the starting strength program provided the trainee eats right.


Thanks, that's kinda what I was thinking, give it one more day rest and re-set it again next monday. I have never done a program where you squat 3 days a week, I like the squat though so we'll see how it goes. Maybe when I get home I won't be too sore though. Damn desk job has me sitting all day so if I get up my legs are killing me.



Maybe go into the gym, do some light leg extensions and whatnot, or very light squats (as in, up to a weight that does not bother your tendons whatsoever, like 40-50 percent of your max or so... Maybe some drop-sets not quite to failure or what-have-you, just don't do so much it fatigues you) until you have a nice pump, then go back home...

That helps me with recovery a lot, but I'm not sure if it'll cure the "after-long-layoff"-sickness tbh, as that tends to be fairly severe depending on what you did to get it...


Thanks CC



Hope you get back into things fully, good luck!