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Starting Strength and Warm Up


Hi, I’m new here and I want to ask you something. I really care about health so I want best warm up, I train with SS and have met with this article:

Is it good for SS or maybe it’s too heavy for beginner?


It’s not a matter of too heavy for a beginner. Just not enough small plates.

Mobility work, bar, half the weight start set.

Or, do as above.

Don’t complicate a warm up.


Thanks for the answer, I’ll do it your way :slightly_smiling:


From the Starting Strength book, 2nd edition:

Light warmup sets, done first with the empty bar and then progressively heavier until the work sets are loaded, serve to prepare the movement pattern itself […]
As a general rule, it is best to start with an empty bar (45 lbs.), determine the work set or sets, and then divide the difference between them into increments. […]
Most people will need to select three to five warmup sets, depending on the work set weight[…]

The book includes a diagram with examples. The sample bench warm-up is:
45 pounds 2 sets of 5
85 1x5
125 1x3
155 1x2
work sets 175 3x5

So basically, Rippetoe’s advice is to warm-up using “ramping”, though he doesn’t specifically use the term, and he doesn’t seem to advocate a warm-up that uses a weight heavier than the work set (as suggested in the article).

Like JFG said, warm-ups don’t need to be/should not be complicated.


Understood! :sunglasses: Too bad I can’t buy SS book in my country :confused: