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Starting Strength Again After 25 Year Lay Off


... and are my shoulders tight!! My overhead press just isn't. If you dropped a plumb line from the bar it would land a foot in front of my feet. This is quite an improvement from three weeks ago thanks to the stretches I've learned here. Squatting for form has really improved my squatting but I don't think bad overhead pressing works the same magic. I'm considering dropping all pressing (even dips) and just squat, dead lift, row and stretch my shoulders for as long as it takes.

Does this kind of deliberate imbalance sound good to you? I should mention that my shoulders don't bother me though dislocates are hell even with a band stretched out 5 feet. Mobility/stability training is new to me. How do they fit with off days? At 61 I find that lifting every third day and upping the weight by only half of what "Starting Strength" recommends works best for me. Things like planks and medicine ball throwing too intensive to be daily but is that just because I've never done them before? The mobility stuff with bands is fun, but is that a dangerous illusion? Dare I do intense core stability the day before dead lifts?

Thanks to everyone for making this site such a treasure trove of good stuff!


Nice to see a veteran getting back to lifting!
I think you've better try and get your shoulders fixed (PT, ART, foam rolling, stretching...); Magnificent Mobility DVD would be a wise purchase, and ALL Mike Robertson and Eric Cressey articles on T-Nation are definitely a MUST READ AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Good plan about frequency and progression, IMHO. If you don't want stability/core training to hamper your recovery, just do it right after lifting.

You're as old as my dad, I really wish he decided to start lifting!


Actually, for upper body mobility, the Inside Out DVD would be more appropriate then the Magnificent Mobility DVD, although they're both worth buying.


You got it right, man...my bad!


Thanks for the kind words and good advice. The Cressey and Robertson material is first rate IMHO. Doing the stability and core training right after lifting is a brilliant solution. I'll get the Inside Out DVD. I've got the Starting Strength DVD and find seeing the coach in action really helps. Foam rolling seems a little strange but I'll give it a try. Thanks again and I'll keep you all posted on my progress.