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Starting Steroids


I'm 41 and Im thinking of starting to take steroids but ai want to do it right -any advice and where do I get them


At 41 I'd just stick to TestOnly. No other SINGLE drug compares in my very humble opinion. I place MUCH more emphasis on how much intensity I can generate rather than how much drugs I can inject into my body, but at OUR age a little over (250-500mg/wk) HRT dosage can work wonders I garuantee U. I'm sure I'm gonna get flamed like whopper for this post.


You need to give alot more info than that.

Weight, height, bf%, DIET, years training?


weight 175 heught 5'7" bf% -too much. Diet -oatmeal fruit natural peanut butter on wheat. Ground turkey and beef-been training 3 years


500mg/wk is enuff for ANY novice.


I'd first suggest cutting carb intake to less than 100mg/day and upping protein to 1mg/lb of bw. Also, drink 1 gal water/day. Calories don't mean shit compared to carb:protein intake adjustment.

Here's a general powder calculator >



"Any new advice out there?" Do you all think that I sh9ould take test?


mgs/lb of bodyweight...ahaha


i would suggest having a complete blood workup done by a competent doctor that specializes in HRT. You may find out that your testosterone level is low enough to qualify for legal HRT and some doctors have no problem keeping you in the high normal range. Also this allows you to verify the function of other organs as well as your general health before embarking on usage of chemicals.