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Starting Sheiko #29


Now on my quest for a 405 bench and 600 squat and deadlift, i decided to try this sheiko program. I have done alot of ready but still had a question or two.

Sheiko 29 has a month 1 and a month 2, should i try for new P.R.'s in between month 1 or 2? or wait till the end of month 2?

Also is there anything i should take out? I was going to do it exactly the way it was but not sure if theres a couple things i should switch out. My goal is just increase strength in all 3 major lifts.



I say do it as is for the first couple months. This should give you a feel for the tweaks you could do to the program.

You should also go by feel in between the two months as to continue with the second block. If you feel like crap you could take the week off except for testing on that week's thursday or something.

That's what I did in the beginning and I've worked up to two consecutive blocks before testing. If you can keep training though (and you probably will), testing every 2 or 3 months would be better than every month.

Good luck


We are supose to test in between? or do you mean test if i'm gonna take a week off in between the 2 months?


Search Sheiko on elitefts.com. Eric Talmant has answered this question many times before.

He says you should not test for maxes after 29. He recommends that you follow up 29 with 37. And then if you want to test for maxes, then go into the 5 week comp cycle.

Dont mess with the programs too much, they work as is. Just be patient.


I basically meant what redroast said, just a lot less clear :slight_smile:


ahhh okies thanks guys...also it tells me to do squat scissors 5+5x5 whats the 5+ ? mean? thanks agian for your input


Lunges 5 reps for each leg for 5 sets.


thank you all very much !! Today will be my 2nd sheiko workout and let me tell you.....i'm still sore as hell from monday lol. Alot of volume !!