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Starting Prop/Tren/Mast 100/100/100

Hey new to the forums looking for a little direction. 2 10 ml bottles of a mix of 100mg prop/100 mg tren/100 mg mast.
Would appreciate and insight on how to run it and if anavar tabs would be a good add ? The right pct and right way to do it. Want to do it it right and come of it right.

I think the first two questions are:

  1. what is your cycle history?
  2. Have you ever used tren? (which would be answered by question 1 I suppose)
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Yes thank you. Been a while. No never ran tren before. I 51 haven’t done anything since my 20’s. I would assume 100 of each compound is light gonna do 2 pins a week few days apart. I wanna pretend I know nothing and just do it right? Want to do a good pct for I know they work. 2 10 ml bottles should get me through 10-12 weeks. Could use any help on this subject. If I sound novice it’s cause I am.

First and foremost, tren is not a novice level drug. Period. Are there plenty of novices that use it? certainly, but it is incredibly toxic. There are plenty of deca dick and tren dick threads on this forum and I am certain there are on others too. If you’re not at least a little nervous to run tren, it means you have not done enough research.

I highly, highly recommend you research the side effects of trenbolone and how to mitigate those sides. Some people get too horny, some people lose their libido entirely. Some people have constant hard ons and others can’t get it up for months or years after use. Some people cannot eat and others eat non stop. I have personally seen individuals that use it that have cognitive decline (granted this is due to full blown abuse of tren, but tren is known for being highly neurotoxic). Some people become emotionally numb and others have a hair trigger.

Also, you have not listed any goals with your cycle. What you expect to gain from the AAS greatly determines how much you should use and which compounds you should use. I think a REALLY good argument could be made that tren should never be used if you are not competing in strength sports.

With all of that said, I greatly believe in your right to choose to do what you please, so I would never say “Don’t use tren”. But I believe everyone should be educated on the ramifications of their decisions and always weight the risk to reward ratio.

  1. Tren ace needs to be injected daily, or eod at the most. Ditto test prop. Twice a week won’t cut it.
  2. Pct and tren don’t mix
  3. Pct and tren in a 51 year old really, really don’t mix

we don’t even know which esters they are… but I think it is a sound assumption that it is tren ace since it is mixed with prop. He definitely needs to give more details.

IMO the competing in strength sports thing is a bit silly. I compete in strength sports, and generally the winner gets a new lifting belt or something. If you add the caveat of being high level in strength sports (I.E. make a living off of it, then sure).

I don’t see much difference between a non competitor and an amateur level competitor using it. IMO, they are both doing so because they want to, not for any financial gain of significance.

I am not trying to contradict just to be a dick. This line of reasoning never jived with me.

I don’t think very many people should be using Tren. It just isn’t worth it if one really looks at what it does.


@mnben87 Nah, I get your point, it’s a fair point. Even if I wasn’t competing in strength sports I would still have eventually found my way to it simply because I wanted to do it. And I would never tell someone not to, but I believe that everyone should educate themselves on it, that’s for sure.

If I use it, I’ll use it as one would use Halo. For 3-4 weeks pre competition. I think it has a place, but for me it is a very specific place. From what I have heard, nothing compares to Tren for strength, so in that last phase up through a competition, I might use it, but I am not fooling myself. It would be because I want to use it. I’ll probably just stick to Tbol or Anadrol for pre contest for now.

On the subject of this thread, one of my lifting buddies (no longer uses AAS), ran this mix for 18 months straight. 600 Test, 600 Tren, and 600 Mast FOR 18 MONTHS! His PCT was 6 months of Clomid at 25 mg/day. He now has normal T levels (550 ng/dL). Still has a full head of hair, and is actually quite jacked without AAS (can bench low 400s and weighs like 170 (he is short AF)).

Why do you say tren and a pct don’t mix in a 51 year old

See my answer in the other thread.