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Starting Position?


For a long-limbed person like myself, should the starting position begin with the feet placed under the hips or slightly outside? I have been setting up with the feet slightly under the hips and sort of sitting up and back as I initiate the first pull. I dont have any knee pain but im just wondering if this foot placement is bad for the knees long-term.


I think there are a variety of styles of first pull. There is a frog legged style with the heels together etc. I think the only thing that might cause trouble with your knees is if your knees cave in from your ankle. So no problem having a wider stance so long as you push your knees out to the sides. Which you will probably find you have to do to let the bar move back from the floor anyway.

If you take some vids from different angles people will be better able to offer suggestions.


As a long-limbed lifter myself, I fooled around with feet width. I found that when I place my feet right under my hips, it allows my hips to get into a much more comfortable position, and thus my first pull is a lot smoother. It seemed counter-intuitive to me at first because I figured if I'm taller, I'd just spread my feet wide so I can get my hips in a lower position, but it was not the case (thank you biomechanics).

I do it similar to Lapikov, you can check his vids on youtube.


I think this question has less to do with the length of your limbs, and more to do with your hip insertion points.

I too have long limbs (femurs as long as my torso) - but when it comes to foot placement (for me) hips are the main issue.

I try to keep my toes pointing fairly forward, with my heels spaced slightly outside of hip width, but of course everyone must find their ideal placement. If I wide stance powerlifting style squats, my hips are f**ked. I guess I have insertion points which dont favour squatting with a wide stance.

As for the knees, they should track out to the outside of your feet, this is the healthiest path which puts the least stress on the knee joint.

For me, being long limbed affects how I break at the hips. That's something I had to work on. Something like a timing issue.


Lots of good advice here. Thanks fellas, gonna keep tweeking it. (Im glad to see there others here with freakishly long femurs like me. )

Also, "hip-insertion" is a term that conjures an interesting mental picture, gonna try that on Monday. Simply hearing those words together like that has just added 40 pounds to my high-bar squat, i can feel it already..... thank you.