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Starting Points

How much does starting point matter in determining potential for strength?

My situation is that after being a runner for over ten years I stopped cold turkey about two months ago to lift a lot more.

Although I lifted while I was a runner I never made any real progress. So after two month of lifting my 5RM for squats is 205 and my 5RM for bench is also 205. Pretty weak, I know.

I’ve seen people start and with no experience do a lot more weight than that. How much does starting point matter if at all? Will I ever catch these people?

Genetically, some people are better lifters than others due to body shape etc…but a range of variables have to be considered.

e.h ->People with shorter arm lengths generally perform better at bench press as their range of motion is less.

But anyway your not going to get anywhere without giving it your best shot. Let your ‘weakness’ motivate you to become as strong as humanly possible.

If you really want to increase you max’s try Wendlers 5/3/1 and go f*** s*** up :slight_smile: