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Starting PCT While Still On Eq?

i ran my curreny cycle of test e 250 and eq300 test at 500wk and eq at 600wk for 13 weeks my best gains are kicking in right now. Cant get test do to the current situations so ive eq left enough for 4 more weeks at 600 a week. should i go ahead and start my pct with nolva and clomid anyway while still on eq??? thanks for the help…

PCT = Post Cycle Therapy

The operative word here is post, not “during.”

Your English is horrible.

By the way, Equipoise has a 14-day half-life. Meaning start your PCT slightly less than two weeks after your last EQ injection.

so the equipoise will keep my test levels high is what your saying.even though ill be off test for 4 weeks

You shouldn’t start PCT until you’re done with everything, whether that be Test or Equipoise. Finish out your Equipoise and wait about two weeks to start your PCT.

I hope you have plenty of SERMs and maybe some aromatase inhibitors on hand, maybe even some HCG, because after 17 weeks of gear your natural production is severely shut down.

I’m going give you the benefit and assume you know what I’m talking about. Otherwise, hit the Search option to research. If there’s something you don’t understand, feel free to ask.

Find some test, because you have six weeks of recovery time where it will be impossible for you to produce natural testosterone due to all that very long chained boldenone undecylineate.

You’ll need it for bridgeing as it won’t matter how much nolva or clomid you use recovery will be impossible, and your libido is really going to suck dog. So don’t bother with the serms or AI untill after that period of time because they won’t do anything. Avoid the AI btw at all cost as you won’t have any testosterone in you to aromatise anyways!

If you could get hcg rather then test that would be your only saviour for those six weeks of hell and limp dick.

thanks prisoner im looking everywhere for the test i wasnt planning on running my cycle this long but weeks 1-8 i only gained 5 lbs, wks 9 -13 i put on 25 lbs and i dont want to lose it. so i want to stay on a lil longer. i dont think i can get any hcg. ive got clomid and nolva. i like the briding idea better. hope i can find test… contrl where are you from in alabama just curious???