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Starting PCT Tomorrow


I am sure this has been asked a thousand times I have searched and read all over...however I am one of those people who have to get the okay from everyone else. I know it is a little late since I am starting my PCT tomorrow.

I was going to take Toremifene
Week 1: 120 for 3 days, 90 for 4 days
Week 2: 60
Week 3: 60
Week 4: 30
Should the Toremifene be spread out through the day or take it all in the morning at once, I have heard 1-2 times a day, but I rather do it all in the morning before I leave to go to work, but if it is recommended more then once a day I'll do it. Its just that everyone will be looking at me strange at work when I pull out a dropper and bottle and start putting stuff into my mouth...too many questions will be asked.

I have TRIBEX Gold as well should I start taking that day one of my PCT or should I start taking TRIBEX Gold starting in week 3?

one more question I can start taking creatine when I start my PCT right?


No need to spread it out, take it all at once.

Ditch the TRIBEX, don't waste your money.

You can take creatine anytime bro, on cycle, off cycle...whenever.


If you have the TRIBEX, take it. Mentally it can help.


alright thanks boys for the answers, hopefully everything goes well and I am able to keep my gains from my epistane cycle


I've heard the exact opposite. That taking more creatine when on-cycle (10-15g/day) will really help out.

I took TRIBEX at the end of my PCT for about 2 weeks and things turned out just fine.


I always save creatine, beta-alanine, other nonhormonal supps for PCT or off cycle times. Anything that could possibly give an extra boost (even if it is just mental) while in recovery I want to save for then.


isnt a herbal test booster vs. a hormone kind of like farting against a hurricane?

I mean, I'm sure it can't hurt, but is it worth the money?