Starting Over

Two years ago I finally decided that I had enough of what I saw in the mirror. I started to work hard in the gym, lifting weights and running 9 to 10 miles a week. I could feel my my muscles getting harder and I dropped from 223lbs down to 193lbs. However, even losing 30lbs didn’t give me the results I was looking for in my problem areas, i.e. my chest and around my waiste. I don’t think I have gyno, I just have too much darn fat in my chest to get rid of, and I feel like I’m wearing an inner tube around my waist with the amount of fat I have there.

Anyway, I was halted because of a shoulder injury in march (surgery to repair a slap lesion to the superior labrum) and in that time any gains that I had went to the crapper. My muscles went soft again and I feel like I have even more fat now then I did two years ago. I don’t feel like a true beginner because I already did it once before, but this time when I get back into the gym I want the results I was looking for the first time.

Is there anything out there that I can use to help me burn the fat and gain the muscle I want? I enjoy putting the work in, but it gets frustrating working that hard towards a goal that seems unreachable. I’ll take any advice anybody has to give!

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