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Starting Over... Years Later


Hi there, I used to be really into my training and clean eating and then I lost it over time and now weigh around 250llbs (I’m 5foot3) and am totally unfit. I’ve been off work for a couple years, but now I’m back, my work gym is amazing and I’m ready to get back into it and sort myself out.

Just had a question regarding Macros, can anyone tell me how I can work out what my needs would be for a steady loss of a few pounds a week of fat? If there is an article you can refer me to that would be great.

Exercise wise I am going to be doing 2 days all body compound 3x8, and 2 days intro to cardio which will progress into some HITT sessions shortly (should this be fasted for max fat loss?)

Thank you!



Hi, I don’t know if anyone has replied. But I just wanted to reach out and see if you have an update. How are you now?