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Starting Over With Supplements

I am a newbie to T-Nation. I have been using the bodybuilding boards for a couple of years now. Today, I came across a posting referring me to David Barr’s article on creatine. Made me feel like an idiot for spending money on things like NO Xplode. I am sure that I can do a search and find more info on the right supplements but I was hoping to save a little time and ask for some help. Up until today I have been taking the following:

orkout Days
ON Pro Gainer - first thing a.m.
NO Xplode - pre workout (stupid, I know)
Workout - Gaspari SizeON with Scivation Xtend (drink this mix while working out)
ON Whey - Immediately following workout followed by meal w/carbs
ON Pro Gainer w/milk - Right before bed

Non-Workout Days
Same regime minus NO Xplode and SizeON/Xtend mix

I am 6’2, 212 right now and hoping to get to 220 before June. I am playing my final year of semi-pro football. I am open to any suggestions on how I can modify my supplementation. I know that a good diet is extremely important and I work hard to keep the calorie count up. Thanks in advance.

That bulk Grow! Whey five pound tub.

I’m a non responder to creatine, so I have used the BETA-7 for nearly a month. So I don’t have any word on this stuff yet.

A good idea would be to go into the T-Nation store and read the article for each product. This will allow you to determine what the products are intended for and how you may want to include some of them in your supplementation.

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