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Starting Over - Beginner Log

Been lurking for a bit as I’ve become tired of being the “big guy” for the wrong reasons and wanted to have all my shit together before jumping full steam ahead into something. Quick background, I’m 34, 6’1 286#, and have progressed to the weight I’m at after finishing college.

I was a fat kid, leaned out a bit in HS but still overweight, and then my senior year in HS got tired of it and busted my ass into shape. By the time I started college as a freshman I was at ~ 210 and a 34 waist. Maintained that build all through school by busting ass playing sports and lifting. Bad thing was I ate like shit and drank beer like water - fortunately my workouts kept me in decent shape.

Fast forward to life after college and I put on a ton of weight the first year out. Going from working out to sitting at a desk put 40-50 #'s on that first year alone. From there I’ve slowing gotten to where I’m at today, which is the same breaking point I was at the last time I turned things around. I’ve got a family and need to get healthy and am determined to do so.

I started working out last week, Friday April 18th to be exact. At the same time I’ve cleaned up my diet. Last week I kept my levels at 40% Protein, 30% Carbs, 30% Fat. I ate meat, fruits, and vegetables. Absolutely no cheats.

I joined a nearby gym and I began the WHFS program and have not missed a workout or set in the 8 days on thus far (although had severe DOMS starting day 2 and going through day 5 - worked through them although I could barely move…no pain no gain).

Today has been and will continue to be one of my toughest days thus far. Woke up at 4:55 and got dressed for the gym. Ate an apple on the drive over and then did Day 8 of WHFS. At the conclusion of my sets I jogged a 1/2 mile on the treadmill (I had been doing .75-1.5 miles on the treadmill before each workout, thought I might do better on my lifts doing it after). Got home from working out and had a protein shake (2 scoops) and then went to work.

Tons of meetings so no time for meal before lunch, and lunch was going to be my first meal dining out since hitting it again. I started lunch with a small cup of tomato soup followed by a pear salad (as all those around me had gourmet burgers, pasta, etc…). The salad had three grilled shrimp and some pears that looked like they may have been cooked with sugar. I skipped the pears and put them to the side of the plate and ate everything that didnt get the pear juice on it. The salad contained some walnuts, gorgonzola cheese, and balsamic vinegar dressing. Im thinking I didnt do too bad for my first meal out.

The next phase in a “test your will power” day is going to a football game tonight. Sure it doesnt sound too bad, but its buck beer / hotdog night. Add to that that my wife (skinny high metabolism) wanting to go out to eat prior to the game and you can see the difficulty for a guy 1 week in. Also to note, before mentioned wife will definitely take advantage of buck beer night…

So, enough on that, here is a day in my diet during week 1, criticism is greatly appreciated as Im truly trying my best:

Meal 1 (pre gym)
109-kcal 1-fat 28-carb 1-prot

head to gym around 5:15AM

Meal 2
Protein shake with 10 oz milk
2 large eggs
3 turkey sausage links
5 Strawberries
1/2 oz cheddar cheese
700-kcal 27-fat 28-carb 83-prot

Meal 3
1/2 serving almonds
80-kcal 8-fat 3-carb 3-protein

Meal 4
Chicken Breast

362-kcal 6-fat 21-carb 53-protein

Meal 5
Fresh lettuce & spinach salad
Light dressing
70-kcal 5-fat 5-carb 2-protein

Meal 6
9oz Sirloin
4 olives
361-kcal 14-fat 0-carb 54-protein

Totals for day = 1682-kcal 61-fat 85-carb 196-protein

A little light on kcal this day but this paints a picture of how I’m eating. I’m also consuming a great deal of water.

Week 1 down, week 2 started, now just hard work to get to my goal of 210#. Any tips, criticism, advice greatly appreciated.


[quote]Tons of meetings so no time for meal before lunch, and lunch was going to be my first meal dining out since hitting it again.
You should be eating every 3 hours. Being prepared is a best defense - keep protein powder or a meal replacement bar/powder easily accessible. I keep a tub of Metabolic Drive around wherever I go.

I would certainly add some protein here - preferably whey which is quick-digesting. You’re asking for trouble here - your body will end up feeding on itself.

Post-workout meal should be mainly carbs and protein, preferably 2:1 ratio carbs: protein, which is why most folks just use Surge Recovery.

Every meal should include some form of protein!

That sounds REALLY low. If you dip too low you will kill your metabolism and end up with muscle loss. Think your numbers over.

Sounds like you now what to do. I’ll leave you with a Dave Draper quote: “If only�?? is a reprehensible lens through which to view life. Pathetic and defeatist, lost and alone. “It’s never too late” is the theme of conversations from here on out. Just in time, the time is right, congratulations and an occasional, grim-faced “it’s now or never” will preface the dialogues this day forward.”

Best of luck - you’re taking control, and that’s the bottom line!