Starting Over, Again

Feb 2015:
Age: 25 / Weight: 137kg (76kg of lean mass, 44%body fat)

November 2017:
Age: 26 / Weight 115kg (96kg of lean mass, 16% body fat)(looked a lot fatter because I had a ton of extra skin)

Age 27 / Weight 132kg (86kg of lean mass, 36% body fat)

In 4 months I went from a guy squatting 140kgs for 7 to a guy that can’t squat more than 60kgs. From a guy that was able to run 1km to a guy that can’t walk 1km. From a guy that loved myself to a guy with suicidal thoughts

I’m totally lost, I have no idea on how to start training again and I really, really, really need help.

I started to go to the gym again, I know how to do the exercises properly, I have a lot of strength inside me. But I don’t have any stamina! And the pain after a gym day is so big, but so big, I never felt pain like this, I think I probably push myself to much because I was used to do so much more a few months ago.

If you guys can help me with what should I do on the next months I be really grateful. What kinda of training should I do? How about frequency, is best to go every day now, or just a few days of the week?

I really need to find a way to win against this pain and do the work again. I’m afraid for my life

If anyone must know, I did not stopped because I wanted. My father got crushed by a truck and I was besides him everyday and night all these 4 months in the hospital. Depression took a part and I ate a lot. My father is home now, so I should get better aswell.

#1: sorry bout your dad. That sucks. Glad he’s recovering.

#2: don’t screw around with suicidal thoughts and depression. Get help from a real doctor/therapist.

Do whatever you can, as you can. Forget about what your could do before (that guy is gone), focus on getting better than you are now. Pick a solid program that fits your goals. Do you want to deadlift 400KG or look good naked? Pick a program and a diet based on that.

The most important part of physique is diet. Pick a diet that isn’t dumb, track your calories and follow it.

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Thanks for the support. Any tip with the pain? I’ve started over before, and I had felt some very hard pain after workouts. But now, even the most simple workout makes me want to spend the next 3 days on pain killers

I like this template because there no guess work. It takes all the guess work out. You can start as light as you need to.
And as the old saying goes… It doesn’t matter where you start. It matters where you finish!

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I recommend you buy 2 books.

Switch by the Heath brothers
How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams

Both will give you lots of practical ways to make changes that stick.

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You are describing delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS. Every time you start a new routine it will hurt worse for the first week or two. It will get better, but it never really goes away. Just part of training.

Well, yeah, but I’ve worked out for 2 entire years, felt tons of pain, but was able to overcome it without problem.

Something fells wrong now, the pain is bigger, I don’t know if something is wrong with me, if is psychological or if I’m going to hungry to the pot

If you don’t know what youre doing or looking for, see a doctor

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at the end of the workout warm down with something like 3-5 mins on the elliptical very gentle pace then stretch hard especially pecs shoulders and hamstrings. This good…

What program are you doing?
Also maybe give the gym a break and do something like an outdoor sport/swimming etc

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I’m following a simple program, nothing fancy, it is a push pull legs with only the main movements for each group, I was thinking in do this for a month, just to get the hang of things again.

I’m going to see a doctor, as suggested by @strongmangoals and keep light on the exercices for at least a couple weeks, probably will go for some walks and try those classes from the gym that all the girls go and get no results, just to make my body move XD

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Could just be because you got older.

For the pain I would recommend switching off push/pull/legs since you’re “focusing in” on certain muscle groups each workout. It would probably be better to spread out the volume and soreness a bit, a little bit everywhere instead of intense in certain spots. I also agree with @ChickenLittle about trying 5/3/1 for Hardgainers.