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Starting Over Again

Experience- been lifying since freshman year dedicated but unorthadoxed

About 4 months ago i took on about a 5,000 cal. diet eating anything that wasnt really junk food and stop drinking alcohol for the most part and especially no pop. i also was on no supplements but i was taking prohormones such as 10mg methylsten, 40mg epistane, 30mg carbopol. Now before i finish this stuff was truely amazing best stuff ive ever tried and according to the gym rats and other guys the methylsten which is aka a mass building is just like the old school mass tabs. i put on 30 pounds and only lost eight when i cycled of and i took it for 30 days. i looked blown up it was awsome. Now i turn around and havent been to the gym in 2 months my gut is back strength is noticably gone but my shape and tone in upper body is still there just not as much.

I guess every lifter/builder has a ideal muscle the prefer to work but i focus alot on my chest and shoulders. My chest is huge but its not tight in some areas so i would like to improve that. also i want to get noticeable bigger shoulders. they are strong but just not enogh mass. My arms are decent and toned but almost refuse to grow my strength has gone up but they havent got any bigger ib last two years. My back is good and then my abs…hha i have worked out those things forever and only achieved a 4 pack and thats long gone now.

I need a solid workout routine and diet if anyone can help. i have a complete gym i go to so any excercises you can suggest i can do is fine im open to any new diet suggestions because as of now i dont have one. I have protien powder and creatine and l-glutamine if you have suggestions on dosages on it also. So if anyone is out there help me out.

Depends on where you are at. If your strength levels are suboptimal(I think a 2xBW squat, 1.5xBW bench and 2.5BWdead are optimal) then gaining strength through programs like 5/3/1 or even reg park 5x5, and any other strength programs that are documented to work should be your goal. If you are over that though, then you should start bodybuilding style workouts that do not neccesarily focus on strength. This is because a good strength base helps any bodybuilder out(Imagine benching 225x10 vs 315x10. Who would be bigger?) . For diet, keep protein high as always, eats lots of veggies. Consume carbs and fats depending on you body type(ecto/meso/endo). For cardio run hills or push the prowler.

I know im mostly spewing what all the T Nation authors are already saying, but this is what i think would benefit you the most.If you are over that strength level, just choose a bodybuilding workout. I personally love the Schwarzenegger workouts, but just choose one that makes sense, not just a shitty musclemag workout.

when i was using the prohormones i went with Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 and i liked it but some days i felt like i just didnt get the pump i like to have when leaving the gym but like i said my weight is 155 present workouts are:
bench- 165lbsx4repx4sets (3x a week)
squat- 325x6x4 (2x a week)
deadlift- 330x4x4 (2x a week)
overhead press- 155x6x3 (3x a week)

*and of course other lifts vut just going of the four primarys thats what i do now.

read a bunch of articles by Dan John especially ‘mass made simple’ and for the love of god don’t go back to anything hormonal until at least your mid 20s

well my post wasnt about hormonal suggestions it was about suggestions to get on track agian. But from what i have read and being stupid in high school the prohormone path is way safer and has good results over the anabolic and hgh…anyway anyone have anymore suggestions.

like i said ive put my time in ive done research im not some young kid that is walking into the gym for the first time ttrying to do a stack and do three workouts and leave. im trying to get help from more educated people in areas i lack

ill be posting my daily diet and workout for today later on

Day #1

-Protien shake 170 calories (25cal from fat). 2.5g total fat (1.5 satuated), 7g carbs, 30g protien.
-Bagel Sandwhich (plain toasted bagel,roast beef, single slice american cheese) 390 calories (80 calories from fat ). 8.5g total fat ( 4.5 saturated and .5 unpolysaturated), 55 carbs, 13g protien.
-5g pure creatine no additives
-10g L-Glutamine