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Starting Over Again, Help Finding a Workout

Hey guys. Names Matt, glad to see a site like this where I can hopefully pick up some tips. Long story short I first started really working out this year but only kept real weight training for 3 or so months before injuring my back. Want to start going back for summer, and so am looking for a good routine. I was thinking of doing max OT, but am still browsing options for what I will be beginning monday.

I am roughly 5’7ish and around 135lb, and according to someone else I am between 17%-20% BF. My avatar is a picture of me, and if you’d like I can post. It is the most recent I have on the computer. Thanks guys, glad to be here.

Good to have you here!

You must check out Chad Waterbury’s muscle revolution. I started lifting in the beginning of october 09 after running a marathon. Since I have used only Waterbury’s programs. Back then I weighted only 150lb and now I am around 180lb! I am not bullshitting. In my opinion as a beginner you must do total body workouts to be able to progress.

Let me know how are you progressing!