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Starting Over After 7 Months

I started working out at 31. Only have taken two extended times off; 2 months for shoulder problem and, most recently, 7 months of “staying home”, which I ended a week ago. I’m sorta an “atypical 69er”, ( also the year I graduated HS ), and healthy except for a few co-morbidity “partners”, which to me, are minor. I give them no power…therefore, they have remained static for years…KOW! Working out has helped! I was 275 for a couple of days, at about 15-18%, a decade or so ago. A couple of years after, I had bi-lateral, anterior, total hip replacements, which after I maintained at about 255-60. Most complimented part were legs, which I continued to train, as before the hip surgery, eg., incline presses with 16 plates. Had to drop squats, a few years before, due to not being able to do anything but Z-Squats, which I didn’t like. However, my new gym has the bar with the handles 90° off the bar, so today I start them again!

Enough. Question is, I have been to the gym 5 times during this past week. I think I was going too light, as I barely feel any muscle pain. I was being extra careful, perhaps too cautious, as injury is not an option. I did occasionally vent some frustration, calculatedly, by raising the weight a little higher than I thought I should, fortunately, without incident. I basically do my old routines (not good), but lighter and with 3 sets, sometimes four, to get my stamina back.

In my head, I am telling myself I need to start, yet again, over again. Would you recommend the 5-3-1 routine to be a better starting point for a month or two and occasionally repeat as I build? Orthopedics ( had stem cells w/PRP, in both shoulders in ‘18, NO replacement, as I wanted to lift ) say incline bench and incline front shoulder presses, only. I have adhered to that command since ‘11. So, I would use a Smith Machine for bench and shoulders presses. Would doing so knock out purpose or benefits of 5.3.1?

Thanks for any pointers!

Did the stem cell treatment do any good?

Sounds complicated. The most important part of 5/3/1 are the principles. Principles make complicated things simple.

The principles are: start light, progress slow, emphasise big multi-joint movements, and set personal records.

How you go about doing that comes down to what you are willing to do / risk.

And as he has said before “Do what you can do and only worry about that”.

Jim nowadays often has periods he can’t squat or bench etc., but he comes up with other ways to be better than before with stuff like weighted vest training and challenges.

Back when I did wrestling my coach would tell us about a guy who broke his leg and still came to practice to do pull-ups and whatever else he could do.