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Starting Over After 10 Years


Hi guys and girls

Hopefully I'll be able to get some good advice here. The thing is I'm trying to get back on the training horse after some years of laying back. I'm 36 years old with previous experience in training handball on a competitive level but this was some 15 years back so I'm therefore out of shape.

I've gone from 92 kg to a 78 kg in this year but still have this soft stomach and love handles.
I would like to put on some mass without adding too much fat and have therefore started going to the gym and pushing some weights and cycling. My problem is that I had a hip replacement in April and therefore I haven't been able to work on my legs properly.

I'm working on my upper body but I don't seem to be gaining weight. I've been trying to add some leg routine into my workout and we'll see how it goes :-). I'm taking proteins and eating clean but probably lacking a bit in calories over the day.

Now I need some advice on my training and eating
1. How can I gain mass on my legs without straining my hip too much ?
2. What could be good training routine for me
3. An so on
I would really appreciate ALL good advice:-)

ps. my grammar could be off in some ways, reason: An Icelander living in Denmark :slight_smile: so bear with me.


Welcome to the forum! Lots of articles here to get you started. Here is an oldie but a goodie!